Mage / summoner outfit confusion

After the xmas update, CIP made available to see the name of the outfit. Unfortunatelly these two ones are not fit. The mage outfit in the game is the summoner outfit here and vice versa. We have to fix that problem.


I just checked it out, and everything looks fine here. Am I just confused?

Mage: Outfit Mage Male Outfit Mage Female

Summoner: Outfit Summoner Male Outfit Summoner Female

--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 12:08, 29 December 2006 (PST)

Mage: Outfit Mage Male Outfit Mage Female Mage Tibiaclient: Hiftumage

Summoner: Outfit Summoner Male Outfit Summoner Female Summoner Tibiaclient Hiftusummoner

What about the Male mage and summoner outfits? Are they correct in the wiki? I can't get into Tibia right now to check.

-- Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 08:46, 2 January 2007 (PST)

Yes, male versions are correct. Hiftu.

Looks like CIP can't make up their minds about these two outfits.

I uploaded the images, but the other pages still need to be updated.

-- Nullo metro compositum est.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 11:03, 2 January 2007 (PST)

I knew I was right! round about october time I was fighting to prove that my system was right - now that there's evidence we can finally roll back to my versions! Yay craggles

6 Nov 2006 [Random::Chat::Guild::Contributions::Tibicam Profile]


Yes, it looks like CIP agrees with your assertions (for now). You may also remember the old news article that originally proved you wrong, though.

It appears that CIP has even confused themselves with this one! We will assume that the Built-in names in the Tibia Client are the correct ones... until they change again  :/

-- Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 12:16, 2 January 2007 (PST)

Calculator for sets

I noticed a problem in Rare Set in which due to Avenger's placement in the belt slot the weight and armor calculators cannot read it correctly. I do not know why it does not accept it, but regardless of that i don't think the actual in game calcs accept a weapon on the belt as added def/atk. You may want to alter it to block out weapons or only accept ammunition for atk as those are the only things that would have an effect in game. --DM ><((°> Contribs <°))>< talk to me 18:36, 17 April 2006 (CDT) 13:55, 1 January 2007 (PST)

Not a bad idea, but might be difficult to do well.

What would we replace the item with? The typical "NoAmulet", "NoRing", etc. images? I think this might remove some confusion about the calculated stats, but might confuse users because of the "missing" items they specified.

That's a hard one. I guess it would be fine, since the Tibia Client restricts where items can be placed.

Concerning this issue with the Avenger in the arrow slot... in the Tibia Client, you can place anything in the arrow slot (even though weapons, etc. do not count towards arm or def), so I don't think we could justify limiting that one.

-- Re vera, potas bene.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 09:02, 2 January 2007 (PST)

  • >Finally remembers to check back on message< Well i was actually thinking to just disable counting the arrow slot item in the atk/def calculator as is it has no effect except for arrows. --DM ><((°> Contribs <°))>< talk to me 18:36, 17 April 2006 (CDT) 13:46, 7 January 2007 (PST)

Organization for Bank-related articles

I've noticed we've got many separated articles that can be included in just one. There's no need to make a different article for every sand particle. Withdraw, Deposit and Transfer should be pointed to Bank Account. This is because, on this page the functions are already explained, the Bank Account Functions. It's easier to find out everything about a Bank Account in just one page, instead of having to browse through different ones. And if we're to keep those separate pages, I suggest we put links on each to go to the other functions, for example, if I'm in Deposit, I should be able to jump through a link directly to Transfer, Deposit and Balance.

Electrified Icon GenosonicMy ContributionsTalk

I agree. I had made a comment to that effect on the balance talk page (that you also replied to). Feel free to merge all of that information into the bank page, and then make all the other pages redirect there.

-- Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 08:06, 3 January 2007 (PST)


Should we consider plaguesmiths undeads??? I was adding the Undead table in some creatures that lacked it and I saw that Plaguesmiths didn't fit my undead description... shoul we consider it undead? Marcelovisky

Plaguesmiths are some kind of demonic monsters, I don't think it's undead. Just read the description told on here

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  ---- 21:20, 3 January 2007 (GMT -03:00)


How did u make your signature because i want that kind of sig to :P \/ ugly shit

<< User_Talk:Dille Talk to me File:Talk.gif>>
<< Kind Regards, >>
<< File:Left.gif Dille File:Arrow right.gif>> 08:00, 4 January 2007 (PST)

If you are just talking about the boxes.... check the source of this page. It's all plain HMTL/CSS and wiki markup.

-- Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 08:02, 4 January 2007 (PST)

i hope u dont mind i edited your ? well thank you anyway

--  Farscaper   Talk   -- 10:54, 4 January 2007 (PST)

Yeah, that's fine. I do not claim to have any kind of copyright on it  ;) If I did, then I wouldn't add it to a wiki!

Just trying to help the community.

-- Nullo metro compositum est.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 11:16, 4 January 2007 (PST)

I think I'll copy it too and make minor mods, it's just too sexy xD

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  ---- 19:46, 4 January 2007 (GMT -03:00)

Character stats and account age

Heylo Whitelaces!

I saw many of your cool pages for your character with info on stats, damage, runes, equipment etc. I copied yours and make for my own two main characters but ran into problems which I couldn't figure out on my own. Do you think you could have a loot at User:Alreth/Raleigh Thunderstone and see why my Tibia Age doesn't work? I tried different things, but get errors every time. And then there's an error in the melee max damage on this page. Any idea what's wrong there?

Big thanks in advance!
--Alreth ¦› Message me ¦› My contributions ¦› 14:15, 4 January 2007 (PST)


About the melee problem... is it just that you think the value is wrong? It seems too high or something? If that's the case, then the calculation may be wrong. I actually wrote that formula by combining and compromising from 3-4 different damage calculators I had found. It might be incorrect. If there's a different problem, please explain a little bit more.

The age thing....

I was looking at it, and you did everything correctly. The problem is that your age is so large, the modulo operator is having trouble calculating. It might be related to this reported mediawiki parserfunctions bug, but I can't be sure.

Here is the calculation that is causing the problem (I inserted real numbers instead of the extra templates to make it simpler):

2994442584 mod 31556926 = 28091540

it should equal 28091540

For the time being... I made a work-around for you (and any other person that has a character created more than 2-3 years ago).

Just change that page to say this:

{{Calculator/TibiaAge|Jan 22 2006, 13:46:03 CET|AddYears=3}} old

(note the "AddYears" value, and the changed year in the created date)

This will let it work for now, until there is a more permanent solution that fixes the actual problem.

-- Fac ut nemo me vocet
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 06:46, 5 January 2007 (PST)

Signature thing

I got a question, if you post something on a talkpage, do you need to copy your whole signature to it or can you let it do automaticly or just type a short word so it posts automaticly?

Bennie 6 Januari 2007 14:11 (CEST)

say ~~.~~

without the . and your sig appears

--  Farscaper   Talk   -- 05:05, 7 January 2007 (PST)

There's some more info on this tip page:

TibiaWiki:Tip/Week 19, 2006

Also, if you have the editing buttons enabled in your preferences, (line of square icons above the edit windows), the second one from the right will automatically insert "--~~~~" for you.... when you save the page this will turn into your signature and the current date/time.

-- Veni, vidi, territus sum, curcurri!
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 05:21, 8 January 2007 (PST)

I'll try now if it works by inserting ~~~~ into it.

^^  Bennie †  Talk †  ^^ 08:32, 8 January 2007 (PST)

Template for Guild Halls information

I've come to think that, we need a template for guild halls, like a table with all the information, since one has to read the whole pharagraph to find out what one is looking for.

I propose the following rows for the table:
Rooms: (example: 2 Basement, 3 First floor, 5 Second floor... including rooms with no beds)
Beds: 5 Basement, 4 Third floor
Exits: (example: 1 North First floor, 1 East Second floor, 1 South Basement floor)
Accesories: (example: 2x6 Wooden Table, Wine Cask, Beer Cask, 1x1 Counter, 3 Dustbins, 6 Statues, 2 Blackboards)

Electrified Icon GenosonicMy ContributionsTalk

Looks like DM answered your question on your talk page. If you need anything else, just let me know  :)

-- Aio, quantitas magna frumentorum est.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 07:38, 8 January 2007 (PST)

Some bosses "bad" spelling

I noticed some bosses have the statement "The" before their names (like The General Murious)

Well, in-game he's only called General Murious, like Evil Eye, and some bosses just don't fit with it (like "The Ron the Ripper" ...)

It have any special reason? If no, can I move the pages to fit a better description? And the old pages will only redirect it.. I think it's much better, what do you think?

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  -- 18:29, 7 January 2007 (GMT -03:00)

I think the extra definitive article before the creature name came from Erig's scripts that pull the kill stats from (see this page for an example).

There's no other reason I can think of that it came out that way. Our pages here should certainly reflect what the actual creature's name is in-game.

-- Braccae tuae aperiuntur
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 07:31, 9 January 2007 (PST)

I think it's not right, I'll move then to pages without "The" sentence, and make old pages redirect so there won't be any wrong links..

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  -- 00:40, 11 January 2007 (PST)

Question about images

Hello. Could you give me some hints about uploading images? I mean, I have many dificults about the image transparency. I see many people get it with white background. If I just pick a screenshot from my client I get a multi-colored background, making it dificult to edit transparency. I think maybe there's some "easier way" to do it, to get the image somehow with a neutral background (like white) then just use GIF transparency. This would help me to help Wiki, with itens, stackable itens and even NPC's (many of then don't have images).

I already tried to use spr extractors, but it's just TOOOOOOOOO hard to find itens there, there's thousands of images there .... is there any easier way? If yes, could you, or some1 just teach me? : )

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  -- 01:29, 9 January 2007 (PST)

The truly "best" way is to use the sprite extractor, but like you said.... it's hard to wade through all of the images.

The next "best" option is to take an in-game screen shot from your BP (the solid background is pretty easy to cut away for making transparent).

If you can't put the item in your BP or Depot, then make sure you have "do not stretch" turned on (or whatever the option is). That way the screenshot you take will not be distorted, and it will be the correct size. (game tiles should be exactly 32 pixels square). It helps to use sand in the desert or some other floor-tiles that have very consistent coloring, since you will need to manually erase the background.

Any of those options should produce "good" images. I hope this is what you were asking. If I misunderstood, then please let me know.

-- Braccae tuae aperiuntur
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 07:37, 9 January 2007 (PST)

I've worked with sprite extractors before but can you tell me where to get a safe and working sprite extractor for 7.8-7.92?
-- Xellos φ Contributions φ Talk

Well, this is how I do it. I make sure that the setting "Don't Stretch/Shrink Game Window" is enabled in Options>Graphics>Advanced. Then I cast Ultimate Light to remove shadows and while standing beside the item I take a screenshot. I open my screenshot in Adobe Photoshop, cut out a square around the item, as small square as possible but still containing the whole item, I remove all the visible floor so I only have the item left visible and then change image size to 32x32 pixels (with the item in the middle) and save it as a GIF with transparency.
If you think it's hard to make it transparent, then give it a white background and upload and maybe someone else could save yours, remove the background and reupload.

And Xellos:
I've used Reebows Tibia Sprite Editor v.1.1 for Tibia 7.21. It has worked for me for many past versions and will probably continue to work. Haven't tried it with 7.92 thought.
I searched Google and found this.
--  Alreth »  Talk »  Contributions »   09:24, 9 January 2007 (PST)

Guido Doll

I've now asked a customer support member about this doll and she told me that this item (or rather the sprite I showed her) is not in-game yet and is not called guido doll. I guess the page should be deleted. :p
-- Xellos φ Contributions φ Talk

Instead of deleting the page, I'll add a tag to the top of it. Thanks for checking this out!

-- Canis meus id comedit
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 08:42, 9 January 2007 (PST)

More of this discussion can be found on the Guido Doll talk page.

-- non compos mentis
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 12:56, 9 January 2007 (PST)

Interesting discoveries

I know you like this stuff as much as I do, so I thought I'd give you a link:

Mathias (profile, talk) · Favelets · Formulas — 10:12, 9 January 2007 (PST)

I have heard about this discovery not too long ago, but I had never seen the forum posts about it.

Thanks for the link!

-- Cum catapultae proscriptae erat, tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 12:57, 9 January 2007 (PST)

Categorize food?

Would there be a point in categorizing food, as in "cakes and sweets", "fruits", "bakery" etc. or do you think it would become too messy?

Kind regards, Celesta's food gourmet (Talk)

This proposal sure has my vote. How can categorizing something mess things up? :)

Mathias (profile, talk) · Favelets · Formulas — 03:00, 10 January 2007 (PST)

Vandalising User

I think I saw someone reporting a user in a talk page of you, so I'll just do this for now, too. Dolores has been vandalising several pages as you can see in his contributions. How are users supposed to report these kind of people? Just writing a new comment on the talk page of an admin? Thanks in advance.
-- Xellos φ Contributions φ Talk

Adding to what Xellos just mentioned, I noticed that this user changed Ned Nobel's occupation to "Blow*** Giver" instead of of "Gift Giver"... I ask for the admins to ban this user for good.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

Thanks for bringing it up, and thanks to Erig for taking care of it.

-- Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 05:43, 11 January 2007 (PST)

World template change

Now CIP changed the structure of the Statistics are moved to community. So world template need to be change to follow the structure of





Thanks Hiftu. I was wondering if we would need to update some of our external links because of their website updates.

I updated the gameworld template, so all the links should work now.

-- Semper ubi sububi in caput tuum
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 06:32, 11 January 2007 (PST)

Random Page Spoils Quests

I usually like to click on the Random Page link on the left-side menu of this wiki, so I can go around fixing stuff (if required) randomly. This never happened to me before, but I stumbled upon a quest spoiler! This shouldn't happen, I should be able to jump anywhere (including quests) with the exception of all pages ending with "/Spoiler". Is there anything that can be done about it? what do you think?

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

I do not think MediaWiki has a method to restrict what pages are returned in the "random page". I am pretty sure that any article could potentially appear by clicking there.

What we have done is marked all quest spoiler pages with a large red box and a stop sign warning that the page contains quest spoiling information.

Some quick searching did not yield any extra help. If you find out something I don't know, please post it here.

-- Veni, vidi, territus sum, curcurri!
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 11:19, 12 January 2007 (PST)

Vandalist/Waster of space

Some new user "Bigdregun" has made a new page BRserker, which is obviously just a copy of Orc Berserker with the loot/voices/etc modified.
.:: Grady -=- Contribs -=- Talk ::. 03:49, 12 January 2007 (PST)

To me it's pure vandalism, brazilians trying to show off, how can a monster be called BRserker!? note the BR part...

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

I deleted the page. It was clearly someone trying to be funny. If he continues to make worthless pages, I will banish him from editing.

-- Veni, vidi, territus sum, curcurri!
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †   -- 08:09, 12 January 2007 (PST)

Another user, Wizardon is doing some major vandalism on many pages, I don't have time now to revert then, I can only report him by now.

-- † Pudd Knight †  Talk  Contribs  -- 11:12, 13 January 2007 (PST)

Problems with templates on spell damages on my user page

Hi Whitelaces,

the templates showing information on spell damage etc. on my page have some problem nowadays. I get punctuation error... and haven't changed anything on that area of my page.

I noticed that on quite a few pages the '#' sign was added in front of wikipedia terms...

 → May the Force be with you ← 
--  Ereglam †  Talk †  -- 03:08, 13 January 2007 (PST)

Looks like you are having the same problem that I was having.

There is a problem with the rune/spell value templates. There are simply too many calculations and the templates are too large. There is a hard limit on the size of post-parsed templates, and when you have those value templates on a page with other large templates, they hit the limit and the MediaWiki software will not continue to parse them.

The solution is to move them to a different page. There's really nothing else you can do. If you look at the produced HTML source of the page, you will see a comment describing the template and page size in bytes. This will show you that the pre-expanded size is capped at the max allowable size.

--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 06:56, 15 January 2007 (PST)

Ok, thanks. I'll change the setup then.

 → May the Force be with you ← 
--  Ereglam †  Talk †  -- 11:30, 15 January 2007 (PST)


Somebody has to be wrong with rounding in Gp/Oz. For example, gold coins weight 0.10 oz and value is 1gp, but 1/0.10 should be 10 instead 9.174. Sniper gloves weight 4 oz and value is 2000, 4/2000 should be 500 instead 408.163, and so on. Ville-v 03:33, 13 January 2007 (PST)

The calculation actually takes into account the weight of the container you loot it into. It assumes all items are looted into a backpack, and adds weight based on whether or not it is stackable.

For example, 1 gold coin weighs 0.10 oz. Since they are stackable, you can hold 2,000 gold coins in one backpack. A backpack weighs 18.00 oz. So, effectively, the looted weight of one gold coin is 0.10 oz + (18.00 / 2000), which equals 0.109 oz. One gold coin is worth 1 gp, so the value/weight ratio is 9.174 (rounded to 3 decimals).

I hope that adequately explains it.

-- Salve! Crepidas meas per clavos ad solum adfixinte?
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 15:51, 13 January 2007 (PST)

I don't think weight of backpack should be included to the gc/oz. What if player decides to put them bag instead? It doesn't change value of gold coin, or does it? --Ville-v 05:55, 15 January 2007 (PST)

Yes, it is more cost/weight-effective to loot items into a backpack instead of a bag.

A bag weighs 8.00 oz and has eight spaces. That's 1.00 oz per each slot.... in a backpack, each slot only costs you 0.90 oz. Out of all containers available... backpack is the best, that's why I chose it for the calculations. You may also notice that the weight of the backpack is significant.... if it was not considered, then the calculations would be very different. I think it is important to leave the calculations the way they are.

-- Quelle scarpe sono veramente stupende.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 06:52, 15 January 2007 (PST)

I, myself, think it's really awesome to have the backpack already included in the calculations but I think you should add a note about that on the loot pages as many/the majority of the people don't know about that. This would also prevent further questions like that.
-- Xellos φ Contributions φ Talk

You know, I really should add a note about it.

Loot#Assumptions (added July 5, 2006)

-- Te audire no possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 11:41, 15 January 2007 (PST)

<cough> Well, I assume people don't read the assumptions on the Loot site when having a look at loot lists of several hunting grounds. But well, I guess it's ok like it is.
-- Xellos φ Contributions φ Talk

New Template for Out of Context Articles

I wrote a few words here to explain why we need it, I'll explain it again here. I saw that the template for stubs is for articles with poor, mostly lacking information, and some articles don't really fit in that category, they have enough information, they just haven't been updated and well organized. It's open for debate, what do you think? what do others think about it? If you consider it a good idea, shall we add keep it? Please continue this discusion on it's talk page.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

Sounds good. I'll reply on the template talk page.

-- Panem et circenses.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 08:06, 19 January 2007 (PST)

Elvis cocho vandal

I would like to report this user: Elvis cocho, he removes whole pages. I hope you understand why he should banned if you look at his contributions.

 Wie niet slim is moet slim zijn
^^  º Bennie º  ¤ Talk ¤  ^^ 08:21, 19 January 2007 (PST)

Thanks. I hadn't noticed the vandalisms becuase they were reverted so quickly, or I would have banished him earlier.

-- Mirabile visu
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 08:36, 19 January 2007 (PST)

Pestitschek vandal

Even more from user "Pestitschek", he or she is vandalizing again. Please give him a ban.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

I left a message on his talk page. I was not able to determine if his most recent edits were vandalism, so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. If they turn out to be vandalism, then he will certainly be banished.

-- Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 10:56, 22 January 2007 (PST)

Regarding a certain user page

I have seen that a new user has created an user named "Eternal-Oblivion", while the true Eternal Oblivion has a page here, can't this cause an unnecessary hassle? I'll leave what to do up to you, thanks!

-- Maverick the hunter

As far as I know, his user page seems to be legitimate, but we don't know if it's really him, we still have to keep the Eternal Oblivion article, but we should leave his user page intact, as he, can make his own userpage like others with stats, equipment and everything, if it's really him.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

See this page to reassure yourself as to the legitimacy of the user I'm reporting. The true EO has contributed to this wiki already.

-- Maverick the hunter

Maverick is correct, the new "eternal oblivion" user was apparently a name-fake. Erig has banished that user, deleted the pages he created, and prevented that username from being used in the future.

-- Comme un cheveau sur la soupe.
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 10:52, 22 January 2007 (PST)

New Template for Objects

As discussed in Talk:Items, I really want if you could please make the templates for several things (if they don't exist):

  • Infobox for Objects
  • List Template for Object Types (Examples: Trees, Bushes, Flowers, etc.). Since those object types might have several child objects in them. (Example: Trees > Yellow Maple, Poplar, Red Maple, Pear Tree, Beech, etc.)

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ   08:42, 21 January 2007 (PST)

I started working on the template for the objects that you are talking about, but I foresee a lot of confusion between Items and Objects, especially ones like Bookcases, where you can buy them from an NPC for your house, but they can also be found in other buildings where they are stationary. I also foresee a problem with users adding objects, but not using the correct templates (using the items template).

I like the idea of having these things in this wiki, but I want to think about how to implement these before I jump into making these templates. This may end up in the Playground before it reaches the wiki.

-- Salve! Crepidas meas per clavos ad solum adfixinte?
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 11:59, 22 January 2007 (PST)

Ab'dendriel elf cave sealed door quest


I was wondering if you could find soemthing out for me as you pretty much seem to know everything about tibia. if you go to ab'dendriel and then go to the swamp in the north west corner of the town, in the centre of the swamp is a building with some elves in it. if you rope yourself up there is a few more elves and a dead body behind a sealed door.

Can you tell me how to open this door?

thank you bye

I can tell you one thing, nobody ever got trough that door and opened that dead body. It is probably concerning a quest which still doesn't exist. For example: if you do a mission of that quest you are able to open the door and the body, otherwise not.

 Wie niet slim is moet slim zijn
^^  º Bennie º  ¤ Talk ¤  ^^ 10:12, 22 January 2007 (PST)

I think Bennie is correct. I have never heard of anyone opening that door, just like I have never heard of anyone opening the door in Hoggle's house.

It is probably something to do with an unknown multi-part quest, where you are given a mission to collect something from the dead body (like you are told to find Waldo's post horn in the Postman Quest).

-- A posse ad esse
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 10:36, 22 January 2007 (PST)


On the objects page, we have fields, I'm not yet sure how we can organize them all, what do you suggest be the standard for the name of the pages of Fields? for the Water Field is it going to be Water (Field), Water Field, Water (Tile) or Water Tile? if we use one of those, we can put redirects on those, if you think it's required.

 Ψ Genosonic Ψ   Ψ  My Contributions Ψ   Ψ  Talk Ψ  

I suggest we use "Water Tile", "Mud Tile", etc.... especially for the ones that share names with other items.

The word "Field" brings to mind the "magical fields" (fire, energy, poison), which are very different from the ground tiles.

Redirects may or may not be helpful... most people will find these pages by going to the "Ground Tiles" page or something like that, instead of typing the name in directly.

-- Quanto sono infedeli, in realta, gli uomini italiani?
--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 06:53, 23 January 2007 (PST)

Vandalism: Hujmuj

Would like to report Hujmuj. He has been vandalising boss pages.

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All taken care of. Thanks for reporting him!

Next time you need to report a vandal, there's a link at the top of my talk page which will make it a little bit easier for me to research the user and banish them if necessary. Not a big deal, but just wanted to let you know, since I just added it yesterday.

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--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 06:27, 24 January 2007 (PST)

AFD Template

Do we currently have the Article for Deletion template? sometimes we feel like adding this template to some pages but I can't find the AFD template.

If we don't have it, I suggest we create it and give it some use :)

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Up to the current time, this wiki has not been large enough to actually need an Article for Deletion template.

Since the wiki is growing in popularity and use (as evidenced by the recent insurgence of vandals), it is becoming more necessary to have some of the utility templates and tags that are used in Wikipedia.

I already have a list of those templates I plan on importing to this wiki. It won't be long now  :)

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Deleted redirect.

The redirects that you deleted were there cuz i changed my page so i had a page for each of my 3 characters and someone had ot redirect it to "user:catlover2002/XXX" now i cannot access those pages. Are they gone or do i have to remake? Reply in my talk page please!

Your pages are all still there:

User:Catlover2002/Tifa Smith
User:Catlover2002/Kitty Evol

The real reason I deleted the redirects is because it violates the TibiaWiki:Policy #5 concerning "polluting the global namespace."

I noticed that you already have links to these character pages from your primary user page. Simply clicking on those links should work just fine.

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--  Whitelaces †  Talk †  -- 07:22, 26 January 2007 (PST)

Nevermind i figured it out!

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