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Added Small Ruby to drop list. Please make sure the monster don't drop the item before removing it from list.

Unfortunetly there is no way to make sure, that item can no longer be dropped by certain monster. We can only rely on our experience and loot statistics that we already have, and there was almost 3500 kills with no small rubies in loot (plus ~2500 kills from previous update). On some other sites that I checked there was also no evidences, that it stillcan be dropped, so I decided to remove small ruby from Amazon's loot. However it's good to know that if fact it still can be dropped :)

Sadly, we are still not sure if small rubies can be dropped also by Valkyries :/

Loot Statistics

Hello! I have recently seen some of the statistics you have uploaded, mainly about the bosses such as Ferumbras and Massacre. I would like to ask what is your source for these statistics? Because it is a rather unusual for 5 kills to be uploaded at once. Thank you! Beejay 14:50, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

Oh, the edits with bosses... sometimes brings "hot news" with boss monsters killed in some worlds, so i saw some of those and posted the loot of then in the statistics. Rulamaso 23:40, October 24, 2010 (UTC)

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