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You looted a blessed stake on a ferfang wow I din't know that drop.

Now you set blessed stake as very rare so you have killed over 100 fernfangs?

I killed around 6 to 8 fernfangs and only looted 1 wistle thats why I set it to semi rare, it could be very rare or comond but I would need to kill fernfang around 60 times more to know if is rarer, now how come you say blessed stake is very rare you made a definition of rareness (very rare 1 in 75) and yet you are not sticking to it.

I think you need to go check again your eddits and undo or fix some of them.

Also did the wiki agree with this new rareness? I don't like the name, I would like more something like Ultra Rare for the hardest items.
 Kwigon the sharpshooter   Talk   -March-06-2008.

Your edits

I reverted the edits you made with "extrem rare" because it's not used on the wiki, if and IF it's decided to use a 'more rare' name it would/should at least be discussed first, and then spelled correctly
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