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WU 2019 Bosses

Hello NeverethRealm!

Thanks a lot for your help. I didn't catch anything wrong with your edits. There was a small issue with The Dread Maiden but that was on me because I first tested it solo during the TS (it says 10% for all elements instead of 100%). This boss is an exception though since its resistances change during the fight. Besides bombs, other ways to test creatures resistance are using summons (mostly on Retro PvP or in bosses that summon regular creatures, which is not the case with most of them) and also to use wands/rods damage, but that usually requires recording (you can try to verify the min/max damages dealt by the wand/rod and compare to the standard values. Getting this info from bosses is usually a challenge anyway, but the most important is to have good estimations to help players selecting the best runes/weapons.

Regarding loot statistics, the only caution to be take is with typos or cropped messages, specially from other players. If there are many items and you get the loot message from someone else in Tibia chat, there's a good chance the last few items will be lost. Also, when copy pasting things here and there we sometimes add or remover a character that makes the item name unrecognizable. But this can be prevented by double checking messages before submitting and also keeping on eye on statistics after they are uploaded.

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Molx (talk) 12:05, December 5, 2019 (UTC)

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