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Well, I really don't know much about Nah'Bob since I've not done the Djinn Quest still; I just got a lot of info with some friends I have. But, I will check the needed information on the Template and ask some friends around about it, shouldn't take too long. About the red links, I really didn't think about someone putting Nah'Bob here on the Wiki at that moment, was somewhat busy with other stuff....Sorry for that, will correct SAP.

And, thanks for the tips! ;)
Mithyus - 08:48 PM, 19 Sep 2005 (GTM-3).

Welcome to TibiaWiki. I see that you added Nah'Bob to several item pages. Even though we don't have a Nah'Bob page, we need one. If you leave the red links on each of the item pages, they will link to the NPC page once it is created. And since you seem to have a lot more information about Nah'Bob than I do, you might add this to your to-do list. Just use the Template:Infobox NPC and follow an example from one of the other articles that use the template (see examples: Willard, Cipfried). If you have a screenshot of Nah'Bob, please add it also.

Rune Farmer–(talk)–(edits)–(profile)–(guild)–(house) 01:40, 19 Sep 2005 (EDT)


I fixed the spelling error and moved the page. Now the redirect points the opposite direction. I also added a gif to it and cleaned up the info a bit. To address a very similar issue, I also made User:Mythius redirect to you and protected the redirect so nobody can name-fake you (lol).

Rune Farmer–(talk)–(edits)–(profile)–(guild)–(house) 19:14, 4 Oct 2005 (EDT)

The hellish gate-ish place

I'd for debate on what the proper name of the place is to be laid aside, then we can move the article to the correct title based on that. (and of course, we would have Hell Gate, Hellgate, Hellsgate, Hell's Gate, Hells' Gate, Hellgates, Hellzgate, Gates of Hell, etc. all redirect as needed).
I see Alreth added:

You see a blackboard.
You read: Hellgate! Restricted Area!
Keep it shut unless any criminals are thrown in

I would assume this was copied from the text console after shift-clicking on a sign. If we can confirm this with an uploaded screen shot of a player reading the sign, that would be great.
If, however, the game is inconsistant in naming it, in which case we have a bigger problem.

Rune Farmer–(talk)–(edits)–(profile)–(guild)–(house) 19:55, 5 Oct 2005 (EDT)
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