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There's no need to get that sort of attitude with me. How am I meant to trust a user who hasn't discussed on talk pages about changes they have made? I protected the page from edit warring, from people who would be happy with vandalising pages, especially as this page is likely to recieve many views for some while. That doesn't mean to say that you are one of the bad people but would you have honestly preferred that I took the longer route and messaged every single user whom are editing every single mount page and then get the messages ignored (such as for two reasons above) and protect the page anyway?

Other than that, you are sure this gives you 20 speed, (therefore it equals to Boots of Haste and has a base of 40 speed? If so, you have explained that on Talk:Black Sheep (Mount). (page is not yet created) Secondly, see here, another contributor to TibiaWiki is adamant that the speed does stack. Therefore isn't the right thing to do and wait until this issue is claified to avoid edit warring?

By the way, I am happy to change it, just because I put some sort of protection on the page doesn't mean it was against you personally. If you think that, then I am sorry. My intention wasn't to make anyone angry. Beejay 21:27, December 14, 2010 (UTC)

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