Creature data revision project

I decided to do some revision of creature data, mainly in loot section. I'm not sure if I will have enough strong will to check all monsters, but some work will be always usefull I think.

Regarding rarity of items I will be using following drop chance intervals:

  • 100% always
  • 99,99% - 5% (common)
  • 4,99% - 2% semi-rare
  • 1,99% - 0,5% rare
  • 0,49% - 0,1% very rare
  • 0,09% - 0,01% extremely rare

I know those exact values can be quite discusive, but oh well :p

During my work I will:

  • check if all items listed can still be dropped and if quantity is correct (I won't delete any items from list if kill count is less than 1000 or if I will know from other source that item can be dropped),
  • revise rarity of items using intervals listed above,
  • reorder items alphabetically in rarity class subsections (I will reorder alphabetically common items, then semi-rare items and so on),
  • check if on item page there is following monster in section 'dropped by',
  • check if all monsters listed in section 'dropped by' can actually drop that item,
  • reorder monsters names in items pages, first 'normal' monsters alphabetically, then boss monsters alphabetically.

I probably won't do any changes in bosses pages. It's usually very difficult to say if item can be dropped by them or can't, or how rare is it.

That's about it. If anyone have anything to add feel free to write on my discussion page :]


And... done :] It took more time than I thought, because of Update 9.86 - I had to wait to gather new kill data for some monsters. I hope this will be helpfull... for someone ^^

Project started on 19.04.2013 - ended on 6.06.2013.

Houses' images revision project

I decided to collect new images for houses during this summer test server. I will concentrate on Ab'Dendriel buildings, and then proceed to other cities if given enough time. If someone decided to do that already please inform me, so my work won't be for nothing.

Update 08.07.2013

Taking screenshots of all Ab'Dendriel houses done (well, it was done couple of days ago...), I will upload them on wikia when I have some time, but it will probably be when test servers will be closed. The reason of that is I realized, that A LOT of houses thorough all Tibia don't have image added and have very limited information about them. So I decided that I will focus on taking screenshots when I can, because uploading them can wait a bit, while test servers probably won't be open for long...

Update 09.07.2013

Taking screenshots of all Thais houses done. I've never know that Thais have SO MANY houses :p Also I decided to not bother about guildhouses. The reason is quite simple - the time needed to take and edit screenshots for one guildhouse is equal to the time needed for 5-10 houses, and I can do my work only when test server is open.

Taking screenshots of Thais was a bit annoying because of roaming premium players, trashing and throwing fire fields everywhere (open test server started today), but oh well. It was my fault I guess, I shouldn't wait so long with taking all those screenshots. Also, because open test server just started I suppose I don't have much time left. Anyway, I will take Port Hope next I think...

Update 09.07.2013

Port Hope done. Not many houses there really. Edron next I think.

Update 11.07.2013

Edron done. I also noticed, that some of Cormaya houses are missing of Edron houses list. I will fix that when I will be updating Edron houses' images. Svargrond next.

Update 11.07.2013

Svargrond done. I will start Liberty Bay tomorrow... if test server will be still open that is.

Update 13.07.2013

Liberty Bay done. Ankrahmun next.

Update 15.07.2013

And test server have been closed. I didn't have enough free time to do whole Ankrahmun, but oh well, it's still good bunch of screenshots I think. Time to start uploading them I suppose :p

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