Welcome to My Page

I'm Zaidejas, an Elite Knight of Menera and a Premium Account.

My Equipment

Amulet of Loss
Heroic Axe
Life Ring
Royal Helmet
Dragon Scale Mail
Crown Legs
Boots of Haste
Pirate Backpack
Demon Shield
Obsidian Knife

Character Information

Character Information
Name: Zaidejas statistic
Sex: Male
Profession: Elite Knight
Level: 85
Magic Level: 7
Axe Fighting: 81
Shielding: 77
World: Menera
Residence: Svargrond
House: None
Guild Membership: None
Account Status: Premium Account

My Skills

SkillsIcon Skills
Experience 9,696,767
Level 85
Hit Points 1,340
Mana 475
Soul Points 200
Capacity 2,395
Stamina 42:00
Magic Level 7

Fist Fighting 26
Club Fighting 11
Sword Fighting 13
Axe Fighting 83
Distance Fighting 15
Shielding 79
Fishing 28

My Max Hits

Fierce Berserk - 460
Whirlwind Throw - 115 To Orc Shaman
Weapon (Heroic Axe) - ~330

My Quests

  1. The Paradox Tower (completed)
  2. The Queen of the Banshees (completed)
  3. The White Raven Monastery - Access to the Isle of Kings (completed)
  4. The Postman Missions (completed)
  5. The Djinn War - Efreet Faction - Efreet Mission 1 (completed)
  6. The Explorer Society - Ranking: Explorer
  7. The Ape City - Hairycles' Missions (Mission 3: Lizard Parchment completed)
  8. The Shattered Isles (completed)
  9. The Desert Dungeon (completed)
  10. Friends and Traders - The Traveling Trader (completed)
  11. The Outlaw Camp (completed)
  12. The Ultimate Challenges - Greenhorn and Scrapper arenas cleared
  13. The Ice Islands - Nibelor 5: Cure The Dogs (completed)
  14. Tibia Tales - Completed all missions except Appease the Mighty
  15. What a foolish Quest (completed)
  16. Kissing a Pig (completed)
  17. Secret Service - License To Kill


The Spiritual Shielding
The Embrace of Tibia
The Fire of the Suns
The Wisdom of Solitude
The Spark of the Phoenix
2% loss of skills and experience on death.

Obtained Outfits

Assassin Outfits

Assassin Outfits
Outfit Assassin Male
Bonelord Eye 30 Bonelord Eye
Red Dragon Scale 10 Red Dragon Scale
Lizard Scale 30 Lizard Scale
Fish Fin 20 Fish Fin
Vampire Dust 20 Vampire Dust
Demon Dust 10 Demon Dust
Warrior Helmet 4 Warrior Helmet
Assassin Outfits
Headpiece Addon
Outfit Assassin Male Addon 1
Blue Piece of Cloth 50 Blue Piece of Cloth
Green Piece of Cloth 50 Green Piece of Cloth
Red Piece of Cloth 50 Red Piece of Cloth
Brown Piece of Cloth 50 Brown Piece of Cloth
Yellow Piece of Cloth 50 Yellow Piece of Cloth
White Piece of Cloth 50 White Piece of Cloth
Spider Silk 100 Spider Silk
Assassin Outfits
Katana Addon
Outfit Assassin Male Addon 2
Behemoth Claw 1 Behemoth Claw
Nose Ring 1 Nose Ring
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