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The Devileye
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About Yuki

Yuki Zou was my third character on Luminera, I originally started Luminera in late 2005, although Yuki's life started in Mid 2006.

I am known as a Palablocker because I am hardly ever seen using a crossbow. I am usually blocking for friends for hunting with royal spears.

I am not necessarily a Role-Player, although I do like to hold Lotteries and Casino's for fun.
I am planning on holding a Greenhown War Event on Luminera soon.

If you're new to Luminera, PM me in-game and I'll see what spare equipment I have to give you.

Yuki Zou1


Koshei's Ancient Amulet
Ring of the Sky
Demon Helmet
Master Archer's Armor
Yalahari Leg Piece
Boots of Haste
Backpack of Holding
Necromancer Shield
Soft Boots

Yuki Zou
Level: 140
World: Luminera
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Distance: 96+5
Shielding: 79

Magic Level: 23

Koshei's Ancient Amulet
Wand of Starstorm
Life Ring
Demon Helmet
Focus Cape
Blue Legs
Soft Boots (Using)
Backpack of Holding
Mastermind Shield
Frozen Starlight

Beams of Glory
Level: 62
World: Luminera
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Club: 16

Shielding: 20
Magic Level: 44+1

Ambient Light


I've always played with Ambient Light set at 25% by default.
Reminds me of the good ole' days in 7.6 when Tibia was still fun.


This is a small list of rare equiptment and decoration Items that I would like to obtain:

Ceremonial MaskCeremonial Mask Amazon HelmetAmazon Helmet Ancient TiaraAncient Tiara
Dwarven HelmetDwarven Helmet Horned HelmetHorned Helmet Winged HelmetWinged Helmet
Royal CrossbowRoyal Crossbow Chain BolterChain Bolter The DevileyeThe Devileye
Demon ArmorDemon Armor Amazon ArmorAmazon Armor Lavos ArmorLavos Armor
Divine PlateDivine Plate Voltage ArmorVoltage Armor Witchhunter's CoatWitchhunter's Cloak
Phoenix ShieldPhoenix Shield Rainbow ShieldRainbow Shield Tempest ShieldTempest Shield
Amazon ShieldAmazon Shield Great ShieldGreat Shield
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