aka Phil

  • I live in Middlesbrough, U.K.
  • I am Male

Personal Info:

My name is Phil and I'm from the United Kingdom. UnitedKingdom

Tibia Info:

You will find me on Askara, my character is Exaga. I am an Elite Knight. I live at Shady Rocks 5 in Svargrond. I choose to live in Svargrond because I feel more at home there and it's, by far, the best looking city in the whole of Tibia. I love the all-wood buildings and the snow. I guess I'm a bit of an old Viking at heart. :p

I'm married to Karigan Vardaloon, a Paladin, since 29 Dec 2011.

I am the creator of Sweet Mangonaise Elixir, which was one of the four winning entries in the Gourmet Competition held by CipSoft in May 2010.

Axe is my chosen weapon. My favourite Axe Weapon is the Hellforged Axe.


12.02.09 - Granted title of Archpostman
21.05.09 - Earned rank of Master Thief
06.07.09 - Became a top agent of the TBI
07.07.09 - Awarded rank of Explorer
18.10.09 - Joined the Order of the Nightmare Knights
24.10.09 - Joined the Efreet
21.12.09 - Handed in 12 Tomes of Knowledge to NPC Cael.
18.04.10 - Completed POI.
02.01.12 - Promoted to rank of Lord Protector.

I'm currently the number 1 fist fighter in Askara and hope to stay on top for a very long time. ;)


My Character

Name: Exaga
Profession: Elite Knight
Level: 123
Hometown: Svargrond
World: Askara

Character Equipment

Legion Helmet
Chain Armor
Studded Legs
Leather Boots
Copper Shield
Small Health Potion

Character Stats

My Possible Damage
Character Information
Level 123 Magic Level 6
Vocation Elite Knight Capacity 3,345
Hit Points 1,910 Max Mana 665
Melee Skill 86 Distance Skill 20
Shielding 87 Exp for next Level 30,274,400
Max Weapon Damage
Melee 134 Distance 43
Arrows 50 Bolts 60
Burst Arrows 175 Power Bolts 100
Spell/Rune Min Avg Max
Light Healing 41 43 45
Intense Healing 55 58 61
Ultimate Healing 85 91 97
Attack Runes
Light Magic Missile263952
Heavy Magic Missile, Stalagmite3338.544
Icicle, Fireball4552.560
Thunderstorm, Stone Shower364656
Avalanche, Great Fireball384858
Attack Spells
Fierce Berserk492811947

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