as I'm using this Wiki more often now, I've made a real userpage here now as well. I hope you'll enjoy your visit here. :-) If you want to give me any suggestions or if you want to leave me any messages, you can do so on my talk page.

General information about me

I'm playing Tibia since June, 2004 on the gameworld Titania. I've played several other gameworlds in the meanwhile but I've always returned to my home world. I really love exploring new areas and to solve new quests and old mysteries. I like to powergame sometimes as well, as I have been doing lately on my knight.
I'm also a Tutor since November 2005 and still an active Senior Tutor since February 2006.

My characters

Xellos Dreamweaver

This is my knight. This character is one of my first ones, created in July, 2004. It was once a part of the mighty Dreamweaver family on Titania, however I disagreed with some of their actions and therefore left it. I have taken a long break of playing it while leveling up my sorcerer. However, since the Summer Update 2007, I started playing it again.
You can have a look at the skills, level, equipment, damages, etc. of it by clicking here.


Xellos Deathstrike

This is my sorcerer. I've started it in February, 2006 when I got bored of playing my knight. In the beginning it was just a fun project but by now this character has gotten quite far and is my new main character. Playing this sorcerer is really a lot of fun - especially compared to the knight. I really enjoy hunting Dragons/Dragon Lords, Hydras and rarely Warlocks and Demons.
However, I'm playing my knight again now, so you can rarely find me online on my sorcerer.
You can have a look at the skills, level, equipment, damages, etc. of it by clicking here.


Me on this Wiki

I've used this Wiki a lot before but I made an account just in July, 2006. I've started doing some random grammar/typo fixes from time to time, but I didn't contribute a lot. Since December, 2006 I started to contribute some more. I don't have lots of plans regarding my work here yet, so I'll most likely be adding random information here and there and fixing some errors. You can have a look at my contributions to see what I have done already.
Right now I'm not really active on this wiki due to powergaming my knight, however I might be back soon to editing!

Me on other fansites

  • TibiaNews - My name there is Xellos. I'm a part of the TibiaNews Staff and also a forum administrator. I love contributing to it and try to keep the forums clean there. ;)
  • World of Tibia - My name there is MrVercetty. I mainly use the forums of that page for sharing and watching screenshots and TibiCam movies.
  • TibiaNordic, TibiaCity - Got accounts on those pages with the name Xellos but I rarely visit them or post there.

If anyone else claims to be me, don't believe him/her.

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