My Character

Name: Xarkost Eilia
Profession: Royal Paladin
Level: 371
Hometown: Carlin
World: Secura

Character Equipment

Foxtail Amulet
Stonecutter Axe
Butterfly Ring
Elite Draken Helmet
Depth Lorica
Prismatic Legs
Prismatic Boots
Crown Backpack
Nightmare Shield
Bow of Destruction

Character Stats

My Possible Damage
Character Information
Level 371 Magic Level 27
Vocation Royal Paladin Capacity 7,730
Hit Points 3,815 Max Mana 5,535
Melee Skill 47 Distance Skill 123
Shielding 109 Exp for next Level 844,247,600
Max Weapon Damage
Melee 274 Distance 262
Arrows 178 Bolts 214
Burst Arrows 654 Power Bolts 357
Spell/Rune Min Avg Max
Light Healing 120 126 133
Intense Healing 209 223 236
Ultimate Healing 344 371 398
Attack Runes
Light Magic Missile82123164
Heavy Magic Missile, Stalagmite100113.5127
Icicle, Fireball133153173
Thunderstorm, Stone Shower107133.5160
Avalanche, Great Fireball113140167
Sudden Death226273320

Outfits to Obtain

Mage Outfits
Hat Addon
Outfit Mage Male Addon 2
Ferumbras' Hat 1 Ferumbras' Hat
Mage Outfits
Wand Addon
Outfit Mage Male Addon 1
Wand of Vortex 1 Wand of Vortex
Wand of Dragonbreath 1 Wand of Dragonbreath
Wand of Decay 1 Wand of Decay
Wand of Cosmic Energy 1 Wand of Cosmic Energy
Wand of Inferno 1 Wand of Inferno
Snakebite Rod 1 Snakebite Rod
Moonlight Rod 1 Moonlight Rod
Necrotic Rod 1 Necrotic Rod
Terra Rod 1 Terra Rod
Hailstorm Rod 1 Hailstorm Rod
Magic Sulphur 10 Magic Sulphur
Ankh 20 Ankh
Soul Stone 1 Soul Stone
Summoner Outfits
Cape Addon
Outfit Summoner Male Addon 2
Bat Wing 70 Bat Wing
Red Piece of Cloth 20 Red Piece of Cloth
Ape Fur 40 Ape Fur
Holy Orchid 35 Holy Orchid
Spider Silk 100 Spider Silk
Honeycomb 50 Honeycomb
Lizard Scale 60 Lizard Scale
Red Dragon Scale 40 Red Dragon Scale
Fire Sword 45 Fire Sword
Vampire Dust 30 Vampire Dust
Assassin Outfits
Headpiece Addon
Outfit Assassin Male Addon 1
Blue Piece of Cloth 50 Blue Piece of Cloth
Green Piece of Cloth 50 Green Piece of Cloth
Red Piece of Cloth 50 Red Piece of Cloth
Brown Piece of Cloth 50 Brown Piece of Cloth
Yellow Piece of Cloth 50 Yellow Piece of Cloth
White Piece of Cloth 50 White Piece of Cloth
Spider Silk 100 Spider Silk
Assassin Outfits
Katana Addon
Outfit Assassin Male Addon 2
Behemoth Claw 1 Behemoth Claw
Nose Ring 1 Nose Ring
Outfit Elementalist Male Addon 1
Outfit Deepling Male Addon 1
Outfit Glooth Engineer Male Addon 3

Achievements to Unlock

Grade 1 Achievments
Name Spoiler
Backpack Tourist Obtainable by completing Sam's Old Backpack Quest.
His True Face It is still unknown how to complete this achievement.
Eye of the Deep You didn't look into it - at least not for too long... but Groam did. And you relieved him. Just don't tell his friend Dronk.

Grade 2 Achievments
Name Spoiler
Clay to Fame

Obtainable by making five Pretty Clay Statues from Clay Lump.

Deep Sea Diver It is still unknown how to complete this achievement.
Lucky Devil It is still unknown how to complete this achievement.
Castlemania It is still unknown how to complete this achievement.
Scourge of Death

Obtainable by finishing 50 journeys in A Pirate's Death to Me.

Swift Death Obtainable by getting both addons of Assassin Outfits.
Ritualist Obtainable by getting both addons of Summoner Outfits on a male character or both addons of Mage Outfits on a female character?
Mystic Fabric Magic You vanquished the mad mage, you subdued the raging mage - no spellweaving self-exposer can stand in your way. Yet you are quite absorbed in magical studies yourself. This very fabric reflects this personal approval of the magic arts.

Grade 3 Achievments
Name Spoiler
Razing! Obtainable by getting the rank of Razing in the Vampire Hunter Quest.

Rise of Devovorga Event Achievements
Name Spoiler
Slayer of Phrodomo Obtainable by doing most damage to Phrodomo during Rise of Devovorga Quest.
Cocoon of Doom Obtainable by doing most damage to Bloom of Doom during Rise of Devovorga Quest.
Devovorga's Nemesis Obtainable by doing most damage to Devovorga during Rise of Devovorga Quest.

Bewitched Event Achievements
Name Spoiler
Banebringers' Bane Obtainable by throwing 50 ingredients into the witches cauldron during the Bewitched event.
Fire Devil Obtainable by using 50 Dry Pieces of Wood on the slide during the Bewitched event.
Honorary Witch Obtainable by throwing 500 ingredients into the witches cauldron during the Bewitched event.

New Update Achievements
Spolium Profundis You travelled the depths of this very world. You entered the blackness of the deep sea to conquer the realm of the Deeplings. May this suit remind you of the strange beauty below.
Honest Finder You've stopped the bank robber and returned the bag full of gold. Good to know there are still lawful Tibians like you around.

Gnome Update Achievements
Death on Strike Obtainable by opening Deathstrike's chest 50 times.
Fall of the Fallen Obtainable by opening Gnomevil's reward chest 50 times.
Diplomatic Immunity Obtainable by opening Abyssador's chest 50 times.

Update 10.7 Achievements

Go with da Lava Flow Obtained by completing the Into the Fire mission during the Hero of Rathleton Quest.
Mind the Step! Received when obtaining The Orb of Darkness Eternal in Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest.
Snake Charmer Obtainable by completing the Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest.
The Professor's Nut Obtained by opening the chest after completing the Hero of Rathleton Quest.

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Beneath the Sea Not really twenty thousand miles, but you had to dive a fair way beneath the sea to find your personal Manta Ray.
Fabled Construction Finding all the pieces to this complicated vehicle was one kind of a challenge. However, what you built in the end is rather a fabled than a feeble construction.
Golden Sands Counting ten thousand grains of sand could not have been harder than gaining this impressive mount.
Little Ball of Wool You found a lost sheep and thus a steady source of black wool. But careful: don't get entangled.
Personal Nightmare It might come as a shock to you, but this is the mount of your dreams. Not exactly the white steed of Prince Charming, but maybe the ladies will still scream and faint at the sight of you.
Pig-Headed Whoa, sow long! This boar is like a force of nature, breaking through the undergrowth of all the Tibian forests and all records of speed. Hang on!
Rift Warrior You went through hell. Seven times. You defeated the demons. Countless times. You put an end to Ferumbras claims to ascendancy. Once and for all.

Mounts to Obtain

Black Sheep (Mount)Rapid BoarSandstone ScorpionLady Bug
Manta Ray (Mount)
Glooth Glider

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