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I have been an Administrator on this wiki since January 2006! Quite the unexpected honor, but certainly appreciated. In such a capacity, I would be happy to help answer any questions you may have about the wiki, content, standards, etc. You may also report any TibiaWiki policy violations on my Talk Page, and I or another administrator will be happy to help solve the problem if we can. I don't claim to know everything, or even very much, but I will certainly help as much as I can.

You might also be interested in my list of Contributions to the content of the wiki. My most notable contributions have been the Damage Calculator, the new Main Page (including the "Featured" items, and the Tips), re-organizing the Items pages and I have also made many of the templates that are used on the wiki. My other larger contributions can be seen in my to do list below.

Pages I reccommend that everyone read:

If you want to contribute, check these pages for what is still needed:

  • Wanted Pages (most linked to pages that do not exist)
  • Requested Articles (pages requested by users)
  • Short Pages (pages that are short and could use some more information)
  • Stubs (pages marked as stubs that need more or updated information)
  • Old Pages (pages that have not been updated in a long time)


Once again suprised by promotion, since October 2006 I have been a Bureaucrat on TibiaWiki! Mostly a promotion in name, I now have some additional abilities and responsibilities on the wiki, including the ability to promote users to administrator or bureaucrat status and rename accounts (pending the installation of the renameuser MediaWiki extension). I am very unlikely to do either of these unless there is a REALLY good reason, so don't ask.

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