Van Rebeliant

My Character

Name: Von Rebeliant
Profession: Master Sorcerer
Level: 180
Hometown: Carlin
World: Nerana

Character Equipment

Prismatic Necklace
Wand of Defiance
Prismatic Ring
Yalahari Mask
Royal Scale Robe
Dwarven Legs
Boots of Haste
Backpack of Holding
Mastermind Shield
Frozen Starlight

Character Stats

My Possible Damage
Character Information
Level 180 Magic Level 77
Vocation Master Sorcerer Capacity 2,190
Hit Points 1,045 Max Mana 5,250
Melee Skill 12 Distance Skill 10
Shielding 32 Exp for next Level 95,604,000
Max Weapon Damage
Melee 46 Distance 21
Arrows 37 Bolts 45
Burst Arrows 218 Power Bolts 75
Spell/Rune Min Avg Max
Light Healing 152 168 185
Intense Healing 421 460 498
Ultimate Healing 806 883 960
Attack Runes
Light Magic Missile5988118
Heavy Magic Missile, Stalagmite102135168
Icicle, Fireball185235285
Thunderstorm, Stone Shower119185.5252
Avalanche, Great Fireball135202269
Sudden Death419535651
Attack Spells
Death Strike, Ice Strike,
Flame Strike, Terra Strike, Energy Strike
206 265 325
Fire Wave118177255
Great Energy Beam2066941182
Energy Beam236354472
Energy Wave5918861182
Ultimate Explosion118214771773
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