Hello there, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Travy, a Securan inhabitant who visits this Wiki every now and again, I don't know how much I will contribute, but I figured why not throw a Travy page up. This page will probably mostly be used as a "second" tibia profile.

General information about me

I have been playing the gameworld of Secura for a while now, my account dating back to late 2002. While Secura is my longest running gameworld, I initially started on the world of Nova with some real life friends under the name of my roleplaying character at the time, Prince Neo D'phor Jal.
I later moved to Secura with another friend of mine, Tarah, whom at the time didn't like the PVP aspect of Nova, and started the character Travis N. Thomas on my current account. This would begin the trend of "world jumping" for me, looking for a server that fit my playstyle. From secura I ended up switching back to Nova and starting up the character Neo D'phor jal of Nova and once again playing with my group of RL friends. At a later point my personal gaming group decided we would start a clan of players on the gameworld of Azura founding the Quazer Horde, named after a clan of Goblins several of us were a part of in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. For a while we all played together, but slowly our group of RLs drifted back to Nova, until just myself (Squee Quazer) and my best friend Ben (Squo Quzaer) remained and we joined the guild Plx. Eventually the guild fell apart, as people quit and I once again found myself on Secura, under the new name of Frosty knight who would later me namelocked to be Travy.

Since then I have mostly been active on the forums, my crowning achievement being the PAY Thread on secura, and am best known for my constant "forum spamming." In addition to that, I run a guild called the Twilight Angels which is 2 years old at this point. On September 11th, 2007 I founded True Twilight. I am also a staff member for Tibianews, not that I am all that active with Excessus gone, but still; it count's for something right ;] As of August 2007 I became a Tutor once again, and am going to make an attempt at holding onto the position for once, and maybe try and become a Senior Tutor/Gamemaster.

More on the Twilight Angels

The Twilight Angels was my third and most successful attempt at a Guild on Tibia yet (predated by Evil Overlord Inc on Nova and The Quazer Horde on Azura), The guild was founded on Secura on Sep 26 2005. The Twilight Angels was originally an MSN community roleplaying group led by Lone Evil, Hex, Kage, Balrog and later Elven and myself. Eventually the group would go its separate ways with one of the original leaders dieing IRL and everyone else drifting their separate ways. Of the members of the original group, only Tarah (Goosie Wonder), Ben (Meandering Bard), and myself Travy) are members of the current guild, with just Ben and myself being active.
Initially the guild was created on an excursion to Iridia, with me leading a group of Securans who formed the clan Heartborne and created the Twilight Angels there on Iridia. Eventually the popularity died out, and most of us came back to Secura. There I once again struck up the guild, with many of the Heartborne clan within it, and to this date it has stayed active and populated. For a brief months time I resigned from leadership passing it onto Ethreal Godess as a result of some real life issues, but it once again was led by me and to this date a month or so later. It has called very few guildhalls home, initially living in Bamboo Fortess in Port Hope. The guild later moved to be the first owner of Mountain Hideout in Liberty Bay and now resides in Fibula Clanhall in Fibula.

More on True Twilight

True Twilight is a private group of individuals run by me. Our purpose at this point is undisclosed. The organization was founded on Secura on September 11th, 2007.

My characters


My main character (and namesake) Travy, the Knight. originally his name was Frosty Knight but a namelock later I decided to take my rl name as my tibian name, and thus Travy was born. While more often then not I will be found standing outside my house or helping my guild out, I have always found knights to be the most useful and fun vocation thanks to their incredible ability to survive most anything. I was also the first Securan on this character, to have completed the entire Pirate Outfit, just a while after the update came out, another achievement I am proud of. For a bit more detailed look into my character's skills and the sort, head here.



Most often found hunting

I hunt for different reasons, so in different situations I hunt different things.

  • Thornback Tortoises - When I am in desperate need of easy cash. They are slow leveling, but always strike a profit.
  • Dragon lords - Namely the Edron 3x Dragon lord spot, or the POI dragon lord lair, is where I hunt when I want quick Exp for not so much a profit. More often than not, I bring a druid to heal me at POI DLs, while Edron Dls is for solo excursions.
  • Frozen Trench - It is by far the easiest place to get Fish Fins, I average about 1 a trip though >> but still, it is decent exp for a knight.
  • Banuta - When I am seeking moderate exp and to break even on cash, I head to banuta.
  • Ice Witchs - Are a good time, and rather quick Exp.


My druid whom I hunt hydras/tombs with. Outside of that I just use him to make Uhs, and to play around on with Creature Illusion spells, along with heal my friends. He was named after a character in one of R.A. Salvatore's books, who only had a brief life but was an interesting combination of a frog and a horse. I always loved the name. For a bit more info on my skills/equipment head Here


Most often found hunting

  • Hydras - As a healer/killer, hydras are fun on a druid. Guildhunts either go as me going on Travy as a blocker, or Puddlejumper as a healer.
  • Tombs - Where I go for my solo hunts with my druid.


My paladin whom was named after my friend Tim nicknamed me Travman in real life. Generally speaking I don't play him all that much, although with the Summer 2007 Update I may start leveling him a bit more. For more information on my paladin's skills and equipment head here


I have no real set goals for this character, although Level 50 is something I would like to grab on him eventually, I am in no real hurry to do anything with him.

Most often found hunting

  • Trolls or Frost Trolls is about all he has experience in hunting, as he isn't all that high of a level.
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