Oi, welcome to my page. Some basic information about my character and goals can be found here.

I'm currently aiming for the following addons and or outfits:

Citizen Outfits

Citizen Outfits
Backpack Addon
Outfit Citizen Male Addon 1
Minotaur Leather 100 Minotaur Leather

And I currently own the following outfits:

Outfit Jester Male Addon 1 Outfit Beggar Male Addon 3


And this is my main character.

Character Information  NL
Name: Tivoes
  Mining Helmet  
Scarf Backpack
Paladin Armor
Enchanted Spear Crown Shield
Blue Legs
NoRing Yellow Backpack
Boots of Haste
Sex: Male
Profession: Royal Paladin
Level: 51
Magic Level: 13
World: Hiberna
Residence: Yalahar
House: None
Guild membership: Nihilum
Account Status: Premium Account
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