Tibiaent/Tibiaevents is a project started in late June early July by Trektorius & Yellow Bunny. Not wondering where it was going to get them, they tried beta after beta stage and server after server. After 3 months of practice they finally choose a server which they knew would lead them to success!

Tibiaent stands for Tibia Entertainment and Tibia Events. The main target of the website is to provide free classical fun for everyone. The site starts out with a broad introduction video / flash player which gives a bit of detail about the site and its supporters. Once it is done, you are on to your main page which has a scrolling news ticker and it can lead to many different places such as;

  • Tibiaent Radio! - New -
  • Live Chat Support/Discussion
  • Contacting Us
  • Events
  • Movies
  • News
  • Forums
  • Interviews
  • About Tibiaent
  • Tibiaent Featured Article
  • Other Tibia related fansites

The information / info section is the most constantly update section of the website. There you can see videos, news, support related news posts, and events created by players, CipSoft, fansites, and Tibiaent themselves. With over 150 categories there is always something different to look at daily.

Tibiaent is divided into departments. Each department has a department manager who is in charge of hiring the staff for his/her department, maintaining their activity, answering support emails directed at their section, and keeping their section up-to-date. Department managers are ones who have earned the trust and are dedicated to making Tibiaent better. The current departments are; Movie, Support, News, Events, and Music. Planning on adding 2 more departments Comic and Live streaming music in the near future.

Tibiaent also has their own forum which you can access at http://www.forum.tibiaent.com/ Registering to the forum gives you a chance to participate in 1 of 3 contests which are held every 6 months. Top prizes include 3 month premium time free for each event held! So be sure to register and do not miss this great chance to win!

A few links are listed below!

Tibiaent Radio - http://www.tibiaent.com/music

Homepage - http://www.tibiaent.com

About Tibiaent - http://www.tibiaent.com/about.html

Forum - http://www.forum.tibiaent.com/

Contact us: email trektorius@tibiaent.com

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