In Tibia


Name: Tendanix
Profession: Elite Knight
Age: 28 years old (According to Erig's age calculator)
Level: 50 (growing, for latest update, see my charachter page)
Hometown: Edron
World: Secura
Guild: None
Position: Senior Tutor
Preferred spell: Berserk (exori)
Preferred weapon: Fire Axe

My Equipment

Fire Axe
Axe Ring
Warrior Helmet
Crown Armor
Knight Legs
Leather Boots
Blue Backpack
Vampire Shield
Guardian Halberd

Completed Quests

In Rookgaard

Torch Quest
Doublet Quest
Rapier Quest
Studded Shield Quest

In the Mainland

Troll Cave Quest
Edron Goblin Quest
Power Ring Quest
Lighthouse Quest
Vocation Quest
Dead Archer Quest
Postman Quest
White Pearl Quest
Orc Shaman Quest
DTD Quest
Blood Herb Quest
Blue Djinn Quest
Orc Fortress Quest
Paradox Quest

Some milestones

05-06-14: Magic Level 4.
05-06-29: Axe fighting 60.
05-07-02: Shielding 60.
05-08-28: Axe fighting 65.
05-08-28: Shielding 65.
05-09-13: First dragon, looted 51 gp and mace.
05-10-26: Level 30.
05-11-01: First vampire, looted 17 gp.
05-11-03: Magic Level 5.
05-11-19: Axe fighting 70.
05-11-21: Level 35.
05-11-22: Shielding 70.
05-12-21: Level 40.
06-01-01: My first house (Wood Avenue 4a, 31 sqm, 2 beds), bought for 150,000 gp.
06-01-01: Got promotion.
06-01-07: Became Tutor.


Name: Johanix
Profession: Elder Druid
Level: 25
Hometown: Edron
World: Secura
Guild: None
Preferred spell: Ultimate Healing Rune (adura vita)
Preferred weapon: Moonlight Rod

In Real Life

Name: Johan
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Proffession: Still in school..
Hobbies: Website making, Playing Tibia (duh..)
Website: Tibia Front Page
MSN/ICQ: I don't use these much, mail me or write in my talk if you need to.

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