Hi, my name is Bart and I have been using TibiaWiki for quite long time, however I noticed some mistakes and errors. That's why I decided to sign in and become contributor. I like gathering informations about certain things, for example games I'm playing. What is more, I want them to be ordered and comprehensible. Wiki project gives that opportunity, so this is the best place you could get while seeking knowledge about Tibia, and I would love to help expanding it.

Signs: User:Sv/Sign1


To do

  • Make gif for: Nomad (Blue).gif, Nomad (Female).gif, Ship Core.gif, Sloth Wraith.gif, Bad Dream.gif, Jesse the Wicked.gif,
  • Fix gif for: Slick Water Elemental.gif,
  • Fix smooth walking for: Crypt Defiler.gif, Evil Sheep Lord.gif, Grave Robber.gif, Achad.gif, Amazon.gif, Assassin.gif, Bandit.gif, Black Knight.gif, Crazed Beggar.gif, Dark Apprentice.gif, Dark Magician.gif, Deadeye Devious.gif, Doctor Perhaps.gif, Fury.gif, Furyosa.gif, Gang Member.gif, Gladiator.gif, Gnorre Chyllson.gif, Hunter.gif, Ice Witch.gif, Infernalist.gif, Lethal Lissy.gif, Mad Scientist.gif, Man in the Cave.gif, Midnight Warrior.gif, Morik the Gladiator.gif, Nightslayer.gif, Nomad.gif, Novice of the Cult.gif, Ron the Ripper.gif, Rukor Zad.gif, Smuggler.gif, Smuggler Baron Silvertoe.gif, Stalker.gif, Travelling Merchant.gif, Valkyrie.gif, Warlock.gif, Wild Warrior.gif, Xenia.gif, Zarabustor.gif, Zushuka.gif,