Property Value
Combat Properties
Health 8200
Experience 6000
Est. Max Dmg 120 mana drain and 1530 (With summon, 1810)
Summon (not possible)
Convince (not possible)
General Properties
Name Demon
Classification Demons
Spawn Type Regular
Resistance Properties
Physical 70%
Holy 110%
Death 70%
Fire 0%
Energy 50%
Ice 110%
Earth 60%
Drown 0%
Life Drain 0%
Immunity Properties
Senses Invis.
Behavioral Properties
Walks around
Walks through Energy
Other Properties
Version 6.4
November 2, 2001
Status Active
You see a demon.
  • Your soul will be mine!
  • Your resistance is futile!


Demons are the servants of evil. More or less devoted servants of Zathroth, they cause strife and havoc wherever they appear. Their masters are known as Demonlords, Demon Overlords and Archdemons. A long time ago, Demons used to drop Magic Swords and Coconuts. It is said that in one room behind the Hero Cave, a Demon can spawn even if there are people inside, but this has not been confirmed. The older "version" of the Demon is the Daemon, which was removed in 2000/2001. In some tricky places like Bazir's throneroom and Oasis Tomb they can have the same behavior and loot as a Goblin (see: Demongoblin). You can use a Blessed Wooden Stake on a slain Demon to get Demon Dust. See also: Demon Dust/Dusting.


Melee (0-500), Great Fireball on target (Area of Effect: [1]) (150-250), Great Energy Beam (Life Drain: 300-480), Energy Strike (Only from close. (210-300), Mana Drain (30-120), Self-Healing (80-250), Haste, Fire Field, Distance Paralyze, Summons up to 1 Fire Elemental.


  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Hero Cave, Demon Helmet Quest, The Annihilator Quest room, Ferumbras' Citadel, Goroma, Ghostlands (Warlock area - unreachable), Liberty Bay (hidden underground passage - unreachable), Razzachai, deep in Pits of Inferno (found in every Throneroom except Verminor's), deep Formorgar Mines, Caves in The Inquisition Quest (during way to Annihilon, Hellgorak and in room with shadow nexus), during The Demon Oak Quest, Alchemist Quarter, Magician Quarter, Chyllfroest.


Demons attack the enemy with extremely powerful attacks until death.


Do not stand in front of them. They use an attack which looks like Energy Beam, but causes Life Drain damage. Kill the Fire Elementals quickly. You can start blocking them at level 80 with good skills (blockers with level lower than 80 will probably die in most of the cases). You can hunt them with a team of mages using Icicle Runes. It's better to use Boots of Haste instead of Steel Boots because Demons are fast and staying diagonal can be hard. Mages can actually block them with full mana using Magic Shield at lvl 80 with Great Mana Potions while someone else shoots (not profitable).
Paladins can run them with Speed boosters like Speed Set and kill them with Assassin Stars or Royal Crossbow with Power or Infernal Bolts and Divine Missile in spacious respawns. Using Divine Healing after Demon's Huge Fireball (Radius as high as Ultimate Spells) will keep you out of danger. Just focus in your speed and in your mana. You can't stairhop them anymore. If you have more than 1700 Hit Points you can run around and use Light Healing and after combo when you have 1000 or less hp - Salvation.
Knights can kill them but it will most likely be a huge waste as Demons are strong against Physical Damage. If you are a high leveled player and someone's healing you by Heal Friend spell you may block a few Demons and use Berserk and Annihilation spells to kill them faster. Mages should put on Magma Set, Mastermind Shield and Magic Sword to get more defense. Magic Shield is recommended below level 130. All vocations can use Garlic Necklace to reduce damage from the Life Drain Beam. While you are alone it's recommended to run around and use Icicle Runes. If you have a knight in your team he can block a few demons and you may use Avalanche runes on them.


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