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My Character

Name: Saldron Firewalker
Profession: Elite Knight
Level: 51
Hometown: Liberty Bay
World: Rubera

Character Equipment

Platinum Amulet
Bright Sword
Crystal Ring
Royal Helmet
Dragon Scale Mail
Crown Legs
Boots of Haste
Pirate Backpack
Demon Shield
Giant Sword

Character Stats

My Possible Damage
Character Information
Level 51 Magic Level 5
Vocation Elite Knight Capacity 1,545
Hit Points 830 Max Mana 305
Melee Skill 70 Distance Skill 15
Shielding 66 Exp for next Level 2,087,600
Max Weapon Damage
Melee 224 Distance 32
Arrows 43 Bolts 52
Burst Arrows 86 Power Bolts 87
Spell/Rune Min Avg Max
Light Healing 25 27 29
Intense Healing 35 38 40
Ultimate Healing 60 65 70
Attack Runes
Light Magic Missile151723
Heavy Magic Missile, Stalagmite182328
Icicle, Fireball293643
Thunderstorm, Stone Shower213039
Avalanche, Great Fireball233241
Attack Spells
Fierce Berserkn/an/an/a
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