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About Sadonic


When starting Sadonic in september 2006, I was a little depressed, cause due to not knowing better my first character Blackwind the never seen was hacked shortly before that. This may have in some way have lead to my new chars name.

Because I was never interested in killing other people I tried my own way on Inferna: diplomacy as a weapon and friendship for protection. Strange for someone playing pvp-enforced, but that´s the way I am.

The first guild I founded was Light in the Dark. I disbanded it after some time, cause it wasn´t to control anymore.

For a long time I was proud sovereign of the Righteous Alliance. In the guild´s best time it counted over 100 members, but I decided not to take responsibility for the actions of other players.

Nowadays I joined together with some former guildmates and started the Seekers of Myth, a small guild exploring mysteries in the lands of Inferna.

Trading is one of my biggest passions. Buying Blue/Green Djinn Stuff, items sellable to Rashid, to Telas and Zaoan items which you can loot at Farmine and selling stuff you won´t find everywhere. Additional to that I love hosting lotteries.

Character information

Character Information
Name: Sadonic (profile, online time, XP history, TibiaML Profile)
Sex: male
Profession: Elite Knight
Created: September 25th 2006, 05:42:00 CET
Age: 340 years, 125 days, 12 hours, 42 minutes
Level: 292
Achievement Points: 442
Hit Points: 4445
Mana points: 1510
Capacity: 7570
Maximum speed: 1119
World: Inferna
Residence: Svargrond (If you need to send me a Letter.gif or a Parcel.gif, send it there.)
House: Frozen Emporium (Shady Rocks 4 (Shop))
Guild: Seekers of Myth
Married with (ingame and in real life): Deldora Phlyx
Positions Senior Tutor, Tibia ML Translator

News section

Tutor Exam (May, the 31st, 2009)

Senior Tutor (September, the 15th 2009)

October 2012:

Killed all bosses available in the Killing in the name of... Quest (Paw and Fur rank Elite Hunter). :)

March 2012:

100 Task points in the Killing in the name of... Quest (Paw and Fur rank Elite Hunter). Thank you, Grizzly!

February 2012:

Magic level 10! 22 month of waiting are over :p

August 2011:

After years of wasting Ice Cube.gif I turned one into an Ice Mammoth.gif

June 2011:

Finally I got a TitanicaTitanica.gif and a Racing bird Racing Bird.gif

May 2011:

Babysitting a Demon Infant! Soooo cute :) You see Meandi. It weighs 6.00 oz. Demon Infant.gif

  • It ate a black sheep.
  • It ate a firefly.
  • It licked some snow.
  • It kissed a dragon.
  • It ate another black sheep.
  • It played some wardrums and was pleased.

February 2011:

Level 200 :)

Take a look at the news archive if you like.


I am still working on getting better, but already made it into Top-3 Axefighters on Inferna and the Top-20 in shielding!

Axe Fighting: 112
Shielding: 106
Magic Level: 10
Maximum damage:
   Hellforged Axe.gif 1-handed 503
   Dragon Lance.gif 2-handed 464
Maximum spell damage:
   Morning Star.gif Exori 963
   Cranial Basher.gif Exori Gran 1927

My equipment

BestSea Serpent huntAdditional
Platinum Amulet
Crystalline Axe
Axe Ring
Prismatic Helmet
Royal Draken Mail
Dwarven Legs
Draken Boots
Moon Backpack
Nightmare Shield
Frozen Starlight
Platinum Amulet
Crystalline Axe
Axe Ring
Helmet of the Deep
Royal Draken Mail
Dwarven Legs
Draken Boots
Moon Backpack
Nightmare Shield
Frozen Starlight
Key Ring.gif
Axe Ring.gif Life Ring.gif Ring of Healing.gif Stealth Ring.gif Time Ring.gif
Obsidian Knife.gif Whacking Driller of Fate.gif Blessed Wooden Stake.gif Elvenhair Rope.gif Parcel.gif
Fire Bug.gif Lock Pick.gif Crowbar.gif Destroy Field.gif Platinum Coin.gif
Mana Potion.gif Strong Health Potion.gif Great Health Potion.gif Ultimate Health Potion.gif Flask of Rust Remover.gif


The quests, which are the most significant for me:

Behemoth Quest

Black Knight Quest

Blood Brothers Quest

Circle Room Quest

Crusader Helmet Quest

Deeper Fibula Quest

Draconia Quest

Eleonore Quest

Elvenbane Quest

Emperor's Cookies Quest

Friends and Traders Quest

In Service of Yalahar Quest

Isle of Evil Quest

Killing in the Name of... Quest

Kissing a Pig Quest

Medusa Shield Quest

Noble Armor Quest

Orc Fortress Quest

Sam's Old Backpack Quest

Secret Service Quest

Shadows of Yalahar Quest

The Ancient Tombs Quest

The Demon Oak Quest

The Desert Dungeon Quest

The Djinn War - Marid Faction

The Elemental Spheres Quest

The Explorer Society Quest

The Hidden City of Beregar Quest

The Ice Islands Quest

The Inquisition Quest

The Outlaw Camp Quest

The Paradox Tower Quest

The Pits of Inferno Quest

The Postman Missions Quest

The Queen of the Banshees Quest

The Shattered Isles Quest

The Ultimate Challenges Quest

The White Raven Monastery Quest

Tibia Tales Quest

Treasure Hunt Quest

Vampire Hunter Quest

Vampire Shield Quest

What a foolish Quest


The outfit and addon quests, I am still trying to solve:

Basic Outfit
Outfit Demon Hunter Male.gif
Blank.gif  Mission 1: Interrogation
Blank.gif  Mission 2: Eclipse
Blank.gif  Mission 3: Vampire Hunt
Blank.gif  Mission 4: The Haunted Ruin
Blank.gif  Mission 5: Essential Gathering

Coat Addon
Outfit Demon Hunter Male Addon 1.gif
Blank.gif  Mission 6: The Demon Ungreez

Hat Addon
Outfit Demon Hunter Male Addon 2.gif
Blank.gif  Mission 7: The Shadow Nexus

Completed outfits and addons:

Afflicted Assassin Barbarian Citizen Jester Newly Wed Nightmare Knight
Outfit Afflicted Male Addon 2.gif Outfit Assassin Male Addon 2.gif Outfit Barbarian Male Addon 1.gif Outfit Citizen Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Jester Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Newly Wed Male.gif Outfit Norseman Male Addon 3.gif
Norseman Oriental Pirate Shaman Warrior Warmaster Yalaharian
Outfit Nightmare Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Oriental Male Addon 1.gif Outfit Pirate Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Shaman Male Addon 1.gif Outfit Warrior Male Addon 1.gif Outfit Warmaster Male Addon 1.gif Outfit Yalaharian Male Addon 2.gif


Items I like to purchase/obtain by quests:

Earthborn Titan Armor.gif Earthborn Titan Armor Elite Draken Mail.gif Elite Draken Mail Oceanborn Leviathan Armor.gif Oceanborn Leviathan Armor
Demon Armor.gif Demon Armor
Ravager's Axe.gif Ravager's Axe Ruthless Axe.gif Ruthless Axe Executioner.gif Executioner
Great Axe.gif Great Axe Solar Axe.gif Solar Axe Demonwing Axe.gif Demonwing Axe
Boots of Waterwalking.gif Boots of Waterwalking Crystal Boots.gif Crystal Boots Dragon Scale Boots.gif Dragon Scale Boots
Golden Boots.gif Golden Boots         
Winged Helmet.gif Winged Helmet Helmet of the Ancients (Enchanted).gif Full Helmet of the Ancients Horned Helmet.gif Horned Helmet
Golden Helmet.gif Golden Helmet        
Demon Legs.gif Demon Legs Dragon Scale Legs.gif Dragon Scale Legs    
Rainbow Shield.gif Rainbow Shield Phoenix Shield.gif Phoenix Shield Shield of Corruption.gif Shield of Corruption
Tempest Shield.gif Tempest Shield Great Shield.gif Great Shield Blessed Shield.gif Blessed Shield
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