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You've lost a total of 1,184,907,822 experience on Roc ky.

During the year of 2018 you went from level 200 to 427. You died 164 times and lost 474,624,159 experience.

During the year of 2019 you went from level 427 to 504. You died 53 times and lost 424,413,141 experience.

During the year of 2020 you went from level 504 to 549. You died 26 times and lost 285,870,522 experience.

Last updated on (09/17/2020). 
Character Information
Name:Roc ky
Former Names:Roc kyy Mystic Rocky
Sex:(Female IG) - (Male RL)
Vocation:Master Sorcerer
Married To:Xinita girl
Houses:Edron Flats, Flat 12, Edron Flats, Flat 13, Edron Flats, Flat 14
Alternative Characters:Prince Rocky Mercenary Rocky Gasolrius Grex
GuildPreviously a member of Elite Militia and Everlasting Marshmallows and Immortal Legacy
Account Status:Premium Account
Account Badges
Senior HeroVeteran HeroFledgeling HeroTibia Loyalist (Grade 2)Tibia Loyalist (Grade 1)Global Player (Grade 2)Global Player (Grade 1)Freshman of the TournamentMaster Class (Grade 1)
Account Information
Loyalty Title:Warrior of Tibia
Created:Aug 19 2008, 23:04:11 CEST
Character Deaths
2020-Sep-18 03:03Died at Level 549 by gaz'haragoth losing 12,435,906 experience.
2020-Aug-22 04:30Died at Level 541 by a glooth golem losing 11,996,638 experience.
2020-Aug-09 15:47Died at Level 541 by a rustheap golem losing 11,996,638 experience.
2020-Aug-09 12:54Died at Level 542 by a werelion losing 12,061,609 experience.
2020-Aug-02 23:14Died at Level 542 by a draken elite losing 12,061,609 experience.
2020-July-12 03:06Died at Level 540 by a cobra assassin losing 11,931,900 experience.
2020-July-03 19:46Died at Level 531 by a flimsy lost soul losing 11,359,700 experience.
2020-July-02 03:40Died at Level 532 by a flimsy lost soul losing 11,422,355 experience.
2020-June-17 23:57Died at Level 526 by gaz'haragoth losing 11,049,857 experience.
2020-June-17 20:37Died at Level 526 by bleeding losing 11,049,857 experience.
2020-June-05 22:56Died at Level 525 by a wyrm losing 10,988,572 experience.
2020-May-24 05:48Died at Level 524 by a falcon knight losing 10,927,514 experience.
2020-May-13 07:21Died at Level 521 by a young goanna losing 10,745,695 experience.
2020-May-12 04:38Died at Level 522 by a cobra vizier losing 10,806,075 experience.
2020-May-11 03:05Died at Level 522 by a dread intruder losing 10,806,075 experience.
2020-Apr-30 23:07Died at Level 518 by an arachnophobica losing 10,565,902 experience.
2020-Apr-29 17:14Died at Level 518 by an evil prospector losing 10,565,902 experience.
2020-Apr-29 12:30Died at Level 519 by a hellhound losing 10,625,608 experience.
2020-Apr-25 07:52Died at Level 518 by a spidris elite losing 10,565,902 experience.
2020-Apr-15 04:03Died at Level 516 by an undead elite gladiator losing 10,447,160 experience.
2020-Apr-14 04:00Died at Level 517 by a burster spectre losing 10,506,419 experience.
2020-Apr-04 07:29Died at Level 515 by golgordan losing 10,388,124 experience.
2020-Apr-04 01:56Died at Level 516 by a demon losing 10,447,160 experience.
2020-Mar-21 07:32Died at Level 513 by a guzzlemaw losing 10,270,719 experience.
2020-Feb-06 17:59Died at Level 507 by Roc ky losing 9,923,813 experience.
2020-Jan-28 19:35Died at Level 507 by a behemoth losing 9,923,813 experience.
2019-Dec-31 14:07Died at Level 504 by a menacing carnivor losing 9,753,325 experience.
2019-Dec-26 20:06Died at Level 505 by a flimsy lost soul losing 9,809,936 experience.
2019-Nov-20 00:23Died at Level 504 by a choking fear losing 9,753,325 experience.
2019-Nov-07 22:54Died at Level 504 by a stone devourer losing 9,753,325 experience.
2019-Nov-03 15:19Died at Level 503 by an arachnophobica losing 9,696,932 experience.
2019-Nov-02 03:15Died at Level 503 by a tunnel tyrant losing 9,696,932 experience.
2019-Oct-01 17:35Died at Level 497 by an arachnophobica losing 9,363,130 experience.
2019-Sept-27 01:54Died at Level 496 by a thanatursus losing 9,308,252 experience.
2019-Sept-22 21:45Died at Level 495 by a spidris losing 9,253,588 experience.
2019-Sept-18 20:43Died at Level 495 by a shark losing 9,253,588 experience.
2019-Sept-12 17:32Died at Level 494 by a spiky carnivor losing 9,199,138 experience.
2019-Sept-05 23:35Died at Level 489 by a demon losing 8,930,087 experience.
2019-Aug-22 05:06Died at Level 482 by a priestess of the wild sun losing 8,562,295 experience.
2019-Aug-21 19:27Died at Level 482 by a dawnfire asura losing 8,562,295 experience.
2019-Aug-16 18:06Died at Level 481 by a glooth golem losing 8,510,592 experience.
2019-Aug-13 16:51Died at Level 482 by a feral sphinx losing 8,562,295 experience.
2019-Aug-08 06:31Died at Level 480 by a skeleton elite warrior losing 8,459,097 experience.
2019-Aug-06 03:15Died at Level 480 by a skeleton elite warrior losing 8,459,097 experience.
2019-Aug-06 00:32Died at Level 481 by a biting book losing 8,510,592 experience.
2019-Aug-03 08:57Died at Level 481 by a black sphinx acolyte losing 8,510,592 experience.
2019-Jul-27 21:59Died at Level 480 by a mammoth losing 8,459,097 experience.
2019-Jul-20 18:57Died at Level 479 by grand master oberon losing 8,407,810 experience.
2019-Jul-15 11:23Died at Level 479 by a menacing carnivor losing 8,407,810 experience.
2019-Jul-14 02:12Died at Level 479 by a crazed summer vanguard losing 8,407,810 experience.
2019-Jul-12 08:16Died at Level 479 by a guzzlemaw losing 8,407,810 experience.
2019-Jul-10 03:52Died at Level 478 by a vampire viscount losing 8,356,730 experience.
2019-Jul-07 00:27Died at Level 478 by a skeleton elite warrior losing 8,356,730 experience.
2019-Jun-29 22:24Died at Level 473 by a falcon paladin losing 8,104,429 experience.
2019-Jun-28 15:34Died at Level 470 by a hellhound losing 7,955,511 experience.
2019-Jun-22 02:18Died at Level 468 by gaz'haragoth losing 7,857,252 experience.
2019-Jun-15 20:31Died at Level 468 by a breach brood losing 7,857,252 experience.
2019-Jun-15 02:01Died at Level 468 by an undead elite gladiator losing 7,857,252 experience.
2019-Jun-14 01:18Died at Level 468 by a plant abomination losing 7,857,252 experience.
2019-Jun-10 23:33Died at Level 468 by a falcon paladin losing 7,857,252 experience.
2019-Jun-10 22:49Died at Level 469 by a falcon paladin losing 7,906,280 experience.
2019-Jun-01 21:49Died at Level 468 by a sand vortex losing 7,857,252 experience.
2019-Mar-24 22:01Died at Level 455 by a lumbering carnivor losing 7,238,195 experience.
2019-Mar-06 13:09Died at Level 444 by a fury losing 6,770,472 experience.
2019-Mar-03 07:54Died at Level 443 by a true dawnfire asura losing 6,735,283 experience.
2019-Mar-01 11:30Died at Level 444 by a midnight asura losing 6,755,378 experience.
2019-Mar-01 09:54Died at Level 444 by a true midnight asura losing 6,745,170 experience.
2019-Feb-28 15:46Died at Level 443 by a soul-broken harbinger losing 6,678,058 experience.
2019-Feb-18 03:24Died at Level 433 by a true midnight asura losing 6,245,172 experience.
2019-Feb-18 02:55Died at Level 434 by an arachnophobica losing 6,262,185 experience.
2019-Feb-16 10:28Died at Level 434 by a spidris losing 6,270,389 experience.
2019-Feb-15 10:19Died at Level 433 by a dawnfire asura losing 6,235,541 experience.
2019-Feb-14 09:05Died at Level 433 by a crazed summer rearguard losing 6,235,442 experience.
2019-Feb-09 22:36Died at Level 432 by a crawler losing 9,756,807 experience.
2019-Feb-09 20:35Died at Level 433 by a quara mantassin losing 6,235,957 experience.
2019-Jan-20 17:32Died at Level 431 by a crazed summer rearguard losing 6,158,195 experience.
2019-Jan-14 11:53Died at Level 429 by a glooth brigand losing 6,078,121 experience.
2019-Jan-13 14:59Died at Level 430 by a retching horror losing 6,097,152 experience.
2019-Jan-11 15:13Died at Level 430 by a lost soul losing 6,093,682 experience.
Imbuement Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Fire Damage: Scorch
25 Fiery HeartsFiery Heart
5 Dragon ScaleGreen Dragon Scale
5 Demon HornsDemon Horn
Fire Protection: Dragon Hide
20 Dragon LeatherGreen Dragon Leather
10 Blazing BonesBlazing Bone
5 Draken SulphurDraken Sulphur
Ice Damage: Frost
25 Frosty HeartsFrosty Heart
10 Seacrest HairSeacrest Hair
5 Polar Bear PawPolar Bear Paw
Ice Protection: Quara Scale
25 Winter Wolf FurWinter Wolf Fur
15 Thick FurThick Fur
10 Deepling WartsDeepling Warts
Energy Damage: Electrify
25 Rorc FeatherRorc Feather
5 Peacock FeatherPeacock Feather Fan
1 Energy VeinEnergy Vein
Energy Protection: Cloud Fabric
20 Wyvern TalismanWyvern Talisman
15 Crawler HeadCrawler Head Plating
10 Wyrm ScalesWyrm Scale
Death Damage: Reap
25 Piles Grave EarthPile of Grave Earth
20 Skeletal HandDemonic Skeletal Hand
5 Petrified ScreamPetrified Scream
Death Protection: Lich Shroud
25 Embalming FluidFlask of Embalming Fluid
20 Gloom Wolf FurGloom Wolf Fur
5 Mystical HourglassMystical Hourglass
Earth Damage: Venom
25 Swamp GrassSwamp Grass
20 Poisonous SlimePoisonous Slime
2 Slime HeartSlime Heart
Earth Protection: Snake Skin
25 Swampling WoodPiece of Swampling Wood
20 Snake SkinSnake Skin
10 Brimstone FangsBrimstone Fangs
Holy Protection: Demon Presence
25 Cultish RobeCultish Robe
25 Cultish MaskCultish Mask
20 Hellspawn TailHellspawn Tail
Life Leech: Vampirism
25 Vampire TeethVampire_Teeth
15 Bloody PincersBloody_Pincers
5 Pieces Dead BrainPiece_of_Dead_Brain
Mana Leech: Void
25 Rope BeltRope_Belt
25 Silencer ClawsSilencer_Claws
5 Grimeleech WingsSome_Grimeleech_Wings
Critical Hit: Strike
20 Protective CharmProtective_Charm
25 SabretoothSabretooth
5 Vexclaw TalonVexclaw_Talon
Walking Speed: Swiftness
15 Damselfly WingDamselfly_Wing
25 CompassesCompass
20 Waspoid WingWaspoid_Wing
Magic Level: Epiphany
25 Elvish TalismanElvish_Talisman
15 Shamanic StaffBroken_Shamanic_Staff
15 Medusa HairStrand_of_Medusa_Hair
Axe Fighting: Chop
20 Orc TeethOrc_Tooth
25 Battle StoneBattle_Stone
20 Moohtant HornMoohtant_Horn
Sword Fighting: Slash
25 Lion's ManeLion%27s_Mane
25 Mooh'tah ShellMooh%27tah_Shell
5 War CrystalWar_Crystal
Club Fighting: Bash
20 Cyclops ToeCyclops_Toe
15 Ogre Nose RingOgre_Nose_Ring
10 WristguardWarmaster%27s_Wristguards
Distance Fighting: Precision
25 Scouting GlassElven_Scouting_Glass
20 Elven HoofElven_Hoof
10 Metal SpikeMetal_Spike
Shielding: Blockade
20 Scarab ShellPiece_of_Scarab_Shell
25 Brimstone ShellBrimstone_Shell
25 Frazzle SkinFrazzle_Skin
Capacity: Featherweight
20 Fairy WingsFairy_Wings
10 Bowl of MyrrhLittle_Bowl_of_Myrrh
5 Goosebump LeatherGoosebump_Leather
Vibrancy: Vibrancy
20 Wereboar HoovesWereboar_Hooves
15 Crystallized AngerCrystallized_Anger
5 QuillsQuill
Grand Master Oberon Reply
The world will suffer for its idle laziness!Are you ever going to fight or do you prefer talking!
People fall at my feet when they see me coming!Even before they smell your breath?
I will remove you from this plane of existence!Too bad you barely exist at all!
Dragons will soon rule this world, I am their herald!Excuse me but I still do not get the message!
I lead the most honourable and formidable following of knights!Then why are we fighting alone right now?
You appear like a worm among men!How appropriate, you look like something worms already got the better of!
This will be the end of mortal men!Then let me show you the concept of mortality before it!
The true virtues of chivalry are my belief!Dare strike up a Minnesang and you will receive your last accolade!
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