about puli~

Vampire Lord
I'm an core user of this wiki since I saw it for the first time a long time ago and I expect to help it to grow a little more sharing the 4 years+ experience I got playing this game and exploring it's secrets. Until now, I've made 44 edits.

I'm Brazilian Brazil, quest hunter, top agent of AVIN, friend of Marids, member of thielves guild, relic hunter of explorer society, archpostman of the postman guild and I enjoy almost every aspects of Tibia MMORPG ( except the bots and the free-itanz-noobs XD ).

my little char

Platinum Amulet
Enchanted Spear
Royal Helmet
Paladin Armor
Zaoan Legs
Soft Boots (Using)
Backpack of Holding
Mastermind Shield
Onyx Arrow
Character Information Overview
Name: Pulicial das treva (profile, online time)
Sex: Male
Profession: Royal Paladin
Level: 64
Skills: Sword 40 — Shielding 69 — Distance 80 — Magic Level 18 — Fishing 46
Stats: HP: 745Mana: 930Cap: 1,590
Residence: Farmine
World: Celesta
Guild: Last Crusade

damage calc

My Possible Damage
Character Information
Level 64 Magic Level 18
Vocation Royal Paladin Capacity 1,590
Hit Points 745 Max Mana 930
Melee Skill 40 Distance Skill 80
Shielding 69 Exp for next Level 4,172,800
Max Weapon Damage
Melee 173 Distance 170
Arrows 125 Bolts 150
Burst Arrows 230 Power Bolts 250
Spell/Rune Min Avg Max
Light Healing Light Healing Light Healing 46 51 55
Intense Healing Rune Intense Healing Intense Healing Rune 103 112 121
Ultimate Healing Rune Ultimate Healing Ultimate Healing Rune 193 211 229
Attack Runes
Light Magic MissileLight Magic MissileLight Magic Missile182736
Heavy Magic MissileHeavy Magic Missile, StalagmiteHeavy Magic Missile314151
Icicle (Rune)Icicle, FireballFireball5569.584
ThunderstormThunderstorm, Stone ShowerThunderstorm3655.575
Great FireballAvalanche, Great FireballGreat Fireball416079
Sudden DeathSudden DeathSudden Death123157191

My Log

  •  ??/12/04 - First time on celesta. retired after 2 weeks.
  • 31/05/07 - Created Puli~ to help friends on rook.
  • 05/06/07 - Retired to back to main char.
  • 05/11/07 - leveled up puli~ to help on desert quest.
  • 01/12/07 - Retired again, after level 20 and skill 70/50
  •  ??/09/09 - Back to game.
  •  ??/09/09 - Died at lvl 38 in POH for a Giant Spider.
  •  ??/10/09 - Back to Premmium account.
  • 01/12/09 - Diet at lvl 50 in the last mission of Secret Service quest.
  • 03/01/10 - Died at lvl 59 in Cyclopolis while afk.
  • 22/01/10 - Retired again, for personal reasons.

VIP List

\o HAIL Celesta o/

The gameworld I did learn to love, even with all the noobs and lag. ;) but also a homeland of great players who make this game more then a game.

\o HAIL Last Crusade o/

My mates from Last Crusade are the proof that still exist nice people behind tibian characters.


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