I started using Wiki a while back and it has since become a small hobby (or something to do when I'm bored), to edit pages and fill in gaps of information on this site.

My Tibian Life

I have been playing Tibia for a long time. My Tibian life stretches back to October of 1999, when I created my first character named Destruktion, who was a sorcerer. I played on him for a few years, but eventually, due to real life issues, I took a break from this game in late 2002. I started playing again in June of 2003 on Calmera, and created a sorcerer and a knight there.

I have had main characters on Antica, Calmera, Harmonia, Premia, and finally, Fortera, which is my current gameworld, where I have a sorcerer.

About Me

I have always had a great interest and enthusiasm in mysteries, unsolved quests, and such in the game. Back in 2001, I became obsessed with the legend of the Nightmare Knights, and I have spent an extensive amount of time since then researching them and piecing information together. Eventually, I came to write several of TibiaWiki's articles concerning the Nightmare Knights.


I have roughly 4 main characters, but I only use one at the moment.

Danny Crowe

Unfortunately, I lost interest in hunting a while back, so I only recently started hunting again. I usually spend most of my time making runes, talking to friends, and helping players in the Help Channel/Support Forum.

Name: Danny Crowe
Profession: Master Sorcerer
Level: 51
Hometown: Liberty Bay
Residence: Marble Lane 3 (Liberty Bay)
Guild: Golden Puma
Position: Tutor

My Equipment

Platinum Amulet
Wand of Inferno
Crystal Ring
Hat of the Mad
Blue Robe
Knight Legs
Boots of Haste
Pirate Backpack
Demon Shield
Key Ring


Desired Items


I have written a lot of stories for legendary items, such as Excalibug, the Magic Longsword, etc.

I have also composed the Nightmare Knights article, as well as the Pits of Inferno. I have made revisions to other Nightmare Knights related articles, such as Dreamwalk and Dream Realm. I've read a lot of books and made minor corrections to some of their entries here.


I actively participate on forums like TibiaNews and World of Tibia. On both forums I can be identified as Destruktion.

I'm a tutor and I usually offer help on the Supprt boards, as well as in game.

That's about all I can think of for now.

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