Hello, and welcome to my Userpage! My real name is Thomas, I am 19 years old and am living in Austria. Currently, I work as a Book- and Media-Economist...a bookseller, okay? My hobbies are (besides Tibia) Halo 3, amateur wrestling (though I'm retired as of Sun, Dec 6 2009), acoustic guitar and bass guitar. Also, I have played during summer 2007 in a band called The FirePie as bass guitarist, with my most memorable performance being a cover of Queen's song Another one bites the dust.

I play Tibia because I enjoy roleplaying and participating in epic battles (which usually puts me and my friends against orcs, demons and other stuff - it is epic, nonetheless).

If you wish to learn more about my origins, check out the original background story (under construction):

Celebrated my comeback on a new account on April 24, 2009. Now being fully back in the game. Finally...finally...

My characters:



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