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Playing Tibia Since: 25th June 2003
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Main Character

Profession: Knight
Level: 73
Achievement Points: 59
World: Calmera
Residence: Thais


Platinum Amulet
Mystic Blade
Gold Ring
Zaoan Helmet
Magic Plate Armor
Zaoan Legs
Boots of Haste
Demon Backpack
Mastermind Shield
Brocade Bag
Brocade Bag.gif Brocade Bag
Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness.gifFire Sword.gifObsidian Knife.gifFishing Rod.gif
Fire Bug.gifYour Student Book.gifNone.gifNone.gif


SkillsIcon.png Skills
Experience 6,113,410
Level 73
Hit Points 1,160
Mana 415
Soul Points 100
Capacity 2,095
Stamina 42:00
Magic Level 6

Fist Fighting 20
Club Fighting 24
Sword Fighting 73
Axe Fighting 13
Distance Fighting 21
Shielding 67
Fishing 53