About Me

Well this is a dedicted section for and about me in all of my holyness! Theres not too much to say here so ill be breif. Im a mid level paladin and I make my home on Shanera (great server by the way if your Brazilian) under the name of "Nymet". I snuggle together with my guild Republic of badgers (awesome guild by the way). apart from that as long as you dont piss me off im a nice guy, and it doesnt take much to tick me off, actually I have a list of what ticks me off be right back.

WatchSome time laterWatch

Ok found it, basically if your what I call a "Training fag" or someone who likes to play around PvPing near the DP I hate you, if the first thing you say is "BR" I hate you, if you sit at the same hunting grounds everysingle day everytime im on I will hate you!

Basically you cant win I will probably hate you most of the time haha! Anywho though im still cool to chat with time from time and I tend to do some real fun stuff so if your bored ill hook you up with some fun or crazy stuff you never thought you could do!

My Equipment

Platinum Amulet
Crown Shield
Wedding ring
Royal Helmet
Paladin Armor
Crown Legs
Boots of Haste
Royal Spear

My needs

BoH - I need those things dammit! Why does it have to cost so much!Boots of Haste

Knight legs - So I kill a knight and I get knight legs? so I better start PKing then... Knight Legs

Crown Legs - Its so pretty looking, I dont give a crap about Blue legs this look better. Crown Legs

Platium amulet - A nice P ammy to make me look ganster Platinum Amulet

MORE MONEY - Crystal CoinI mean doesnt everyone want more money?Crystal Coin

Things to do

Rooking own charater

Die to deer Deer

Reach 30k Money Gold Coin

Reach 80k Money Platinum Coin

Reach Lv 40

Clan Gets GuildHall

PK someone on own

Wait a sec I practically completed this list a long time ago, hmmm... Time for a new revised list!

Revised things to do list

Fall off a building and die - Whenever Cipsoft can make you fall

Get all colored BP's Moon BackpackBackpack Of Holding

-Those are the remaining Backpacks for me to collect!-

Hit 200k Buckaroonies! Crystal Coin

Establish a well known player shop. Sign (Magic)

Write a book and sell it to someone File:Black Book.gif

Reach level 60!

Damage Calculator

My Possible Damage
Character Information
Level 51 Magic Level 14
Vocation Paladin Capacity 1,330
Hit Points 615 Max Mana 735
Melee Skill 33 Distance Skill 79
Shielding 42 Exp for next Level 2,087,600
Max Weapon Damage
Melee 108 Distance 168
Arrows 123 Bolts 148
Burst Arrows 214 Power Bolts 247
Spell/Rune Min Avg Max
Light Healing Light Healing Light Healing 38 42 45
Intense Healing Rune Intense Healing Intense Healing Rune 80 87 94
Ultimate Healing Rune Ultimate Healing Ultimate Healing Rune 150 164 178
Attack Runes
Light Magic MissileLight Magic MissileLight Magic Missile152128
Heavy Magic MissileHeavy Magic Missile, StalagmiteHeavy Magic Missile2533.542
Icicle (Rune)Icicle, FireballFireball4557.570
ThunderstormThunderstorm, Stone ShowerThunderstorm304662
Great FireballAvalanche, Great FireballGreat Fireball345066
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