Nagatho Goldenflag

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Bronze Amulet
Copper Shield
Legion Helmet
Chain Armor
Studded Legs
Leather Boots


I'm a frequent editor on this wiki, and a rookie. Most of the time, I watch edits other users do to this wiki, and make sure they fit the wiki Standards and Policy.

Recently I got recognised as an honourable editor, of which I'm really proud of. Of course, I intend to keep up my good work and prove myself worthy for as long as I can.

If you need to talk to me about something, feel free to visit my talk page. I do also have my own dustbin, for testing and trying stuff.

Current Projects

  • organising the Hunting Places article
  • updating Image:Shiantis.GIF. TibiaWiki doesn't support cheating tools in any way.
  • organising Demons article and all Demon subcategories
  • finish updating all info that is related to the Christmas and 10th Anniversary events (most of it is no longer in the game)
  • reviewing the edits I made to the Katana Quest Spoiler
  • finding information about the Sword of Fury
  • adding all Demona Library books - 96%
  • update Battletactics for Mages titles
  • add remaining books
  • get the last book (haven't got it in hands yet)

more are soon to come

Current Goals

more are soon to come

Real-life Status

  • bored of school
  • back to English classes
  • working out
  • in love (aaww) ;P