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en-5 This user speaks english at a professional level.

it-5 Quest'utente parla italiano a un livello professionale.

Abacus This user gathers Loot Statistics while playing Tibia.

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Welcome to my page, if you would like to know a bit about my in-game life then please view my character page.

If you want a bit of information about the person behind the character then look no further!

Exam Passed - Congratulations! You have passed the tutor exam and proven your knowledge about the game. Tutor Exam Passed: 12/22/2010

I am a user and supporter of Firefox and Notepad++.

My name is Billy, and I have been avidly viewing TibiaWiki for many years. While I have not always been such an active contributor, I have always been an active viewer and user of TibiaWiki.
Rest assured that I will try my best to be polite and kind to you, even if you are a vandal.

I'm a university graduate and I am from the USA, been a player of tibia since May 2003.

I think that's it! Thanks for learning a bit about me, and I hope to see you in game someday!

My Tibia account was hacked on January 2, 2011, losing all of my money and items. My friends houses were all cleared out as well. I do not know who has done it. My activity in game will suffer, but I will try not to let it affect my activity here.

Box template stolen from Bennie who apparently stole it from Whitelaces ;)

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