I am a tutor who likes to help others, that's why I also enjoy editing some pages once in a while. :)

I'm also an Administrator since November 22, 2017. If you want to contact to me, you can use my talk page, and if you want to discuss something related to TibiaWiki in general you can use the Talk:Administrator Team page. You can also easily find me and other Admins on our Discord Server.

If you want to contribute but you're not sure where to start, here are some useful pages:

Happy editing!

Character Information
Name:Lee kun
Vocation:Elder Druid
Achievement Points:1092
House: Spirit Homes 3 (Svargrond) is paid until Pacera gets merged
Guild Membership:Over One Thousand of the Overachievers
Last Login:Probably yesterday or today, some time CET/CEST
Account Status:Premium Account

Projects and to-do

Permanent things to watch:

  • Fixing Sprites: Re-uploading sprites that have the incorrect dimensions and hence look deformed and/or blurred on Google Chrome. This was theoretically finished with the help of Hunter of Dragoes, but we have found more sprites requiring a fix after that, so there could be more.
  • Removing character names that are listed as owners from items that were not directly given by CipSoft (see more).

Limited projects:

  • Unifying Template:Infobox Item and Template:Infobox Object to follow the same standards CipSoft does, and also rename/adapt parameters to match the appearence~.dat client file. This is a huge project that has yet to be discussed before it begins.
  • Create articles for all unfolded Carpets as (TibiaWiki's) Objects. Currently only the folder articles exist, but with the Unfolded sprites.
  • Add missing items to Money Spent per Hit Point and Capacity Taken per Hit Point.
  • Create articles for all Cyclopedia/Map Areas, even if they are just redirects. Important notes:
    • Find a solution to all Surroundings subareas. Redirect to nearby town?
    • Identify all unknown areas. Identification may be possible by checking the location of creatures in the Cyclopedia, as long as they have been unlocked.
  • Create an Infobox for Liquids (they are not really items).
  • Create an Infobox for Furniture Packages since these are now traded by NPCs as the same Item ID, and thus most <Item> Kits of now unobtainable.
  • Create articles for all Patches using Template:Infobox Update

Completed projects:

  • Split Template:Infobox Effect into Effects and Missiles, as well as add their respective IDs and create missing pages.
  • Create articles for all Replica Weapons added with Updates/11.40.
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