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I am Mithwen. A long time ago, I arrived at this world through the "Vortex of the Souls".

I only remember the sadness of my previous life. The sadness and the desire to find him. He has gone away for ever. I have forgotten his face, but still remember his eyes and his sweet smile.

I have looked for him in each corner of this world. I never found him. Now, my love is for this island. They need me, as much as I need him.

I am Mithwen, Protector of all Newbies of Rookgaard


Mithwen is a proud inhabitant of Rookgaard. She is a Rookstayer, a Rookie, the Leader and co-founder of the Rook Team of Mythera. Rook Knight of Imperial Army (a Mythera's Guild).

Student of the Orc Language and the Language of the Trolls. Promoter of Rookira: The Language of the Island. (Visit Rookira Project Homepage)

Protector of all Newbies of Rookgaard.


Guild membership: Imperial Army
Rank: Rook Knight
Rookgaard Clan: Rook Team of Mythera (Visit Rook Team Homepage)
Rank: Team Leader

Equips and Weapons

Bronze Amulet
Combat Knife
Legion Helmet
Chain Armor
Studded Legs
Leather Boots
Copper Shield
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