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Who am I

I am Brazil.gif Maverick the hunter from Lunara, have been working on this wiki since January 2006.


My character, Maverick the hunter, is a reknown old character of Lunara. I'm not much of a fan of earning exp or level. I generally sit around and talk in Game-Chat and volunteerly help as a Senior Tutor in both the forums and the Help channel. I'm not a troublemaker, neither do I punish troublemakers, I live on Lunara since 2003. Some people say this game gives a lot of drawbacks to your life, but it has taught me several worthy lessons I have carried on my life.


I've been helping the Tibian community since early 2004 since I've found out the tutor communtiy had existed. However, in December 2004 I've been dismissed due to a criminal record and returned upon January 2006, I find fascinating to help players under good will and nothing else, although this concept seems to have lost its touch within the time.

In 2008, I have lost the tutorship again and have retired to the ranks of the senators, closing for good my three years of tutoring.


I'm an avid roleplayer; I enjoy spending great deal of hours reading the articles regarding a quest background or perhaps just writing a good story to relieve my boredom. I'm a huge fan of Alreth's work regarding the tibian library and book transcription. In my opinion, knowing a quest background makes it a lot more charming. My personal preference of the quests is the Nightmare Knights related quest regarding the Dream Machine.