Character Information

Amulet of Loss
Wand of Inferno
Ring of the Sky
Royal Helmet
Blue Robe
Blue Legs
Boots of Haste
Backpack Red
Demon Shield
Frozen Starlight
Weight: 171.3 oz.
Defense: 35
Armor: 28
Extra cap: 938.7 oz.
Character Information  Brazil.gif
Name: Master Player (profileonline timeexp history)
Sex: Male
Profession: Master Sorcerer (rune stats)
Skills: Level 72 — Magic Level 64 (dmg calc) (dmg val)
Fish 81 — Shield 26 — Sword 19 — Dist 14
Stats: HP: 505Mana: 2,010Cap: 1,110
Residence: Seagull Walk 1 (Venore)
World: Secura
Guild: Master Dragon of the Dragon Riders
Tibian Age: 436 years, 152 days, 13 hours, 36 minutes old

Outfits / Addons

I plan to get all the addon/outfits avaliable.
So far, the general status is:

<Status Bar will come here>

Click here to see details about each outfit I've got

Quest Log

A quest log is on it's way :)

Contact / Talk

I'm almost always on my Securan char. However, you can still contact me either by the Talk Page or sending a letter to my Venore depot :)