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Hi! I'm Kaito Yamaro. I play since May 2005, my homeworld is Pacera. I'm not powergamer, rather roleplayer. I like range combat very much, so I'm a paladin. I have quite good magic level, because I love magic.

Take a look at my Photobucket album here!
I am also staff member of TibiaML, you can see my page here.
I'm also a senior tutor, feel free to ask me for help :)

Character information

Nickname: Kaito Yamaro of Pacera
Gender: male
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Position: Senior Tutor
Guild: Order of the Flaming Phoenix
Level: 76
Magic Level: 19
World: Pacera
Residence: Liberty Bay
House: Trader's Point 2 (Shop), Liberty Bay


My job as a Community Helper

I like doing my job. I have passed the Tutor Exam on 5th April 2007. I was promoted to Senior Tutor on 7th July 2007. I try to help community best I can. I enjoy helping people on channels or boards more than anything.

I am also an author of the project Pacera Tutor Census.

My equipment

Platinum Amulet
Enchanted Spear
Gold Ring
Skull Helmet
Paladin Armor
Golden Legs
Boots of Haste
Mastermind Shield
Frozen Starlight


I have got these addons:
Outfit Pirate Male Addon 3Outfit Knight Male Addon 3Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3Outfit Wizard Male Addon 3Outfit Jester Male Addon 3Outfit Citizen Male Addon 3Outfit Demon Hunter Male Addon 1Outfit Oriental Male Addon 1Outfit Druid Male Addon 1Outfit Summoner Male Addon 1Outfit Warrior Male Addon 2Outfit Beggar MaleOutfit Brotherhood Male


Skills are the thing I hate the most. I always had bad skills, and I'm too lazy to have better. At the moment my skills (without counting the paladin armor) are:

Distance Fighting: 83
Shielding: 61

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