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based on Alreth

Some of the interesting quotes from NPCs:

Adrenius: Who needs doors? Free your mind!

Adrenius: Time? What is time? A word? A thing? An object?

Anerui: Nature is not a friend but an unforgiving teacher, and the lessons we have to learn are endless.

Anerui: Life and death are significant parts of the balance.

Bozo: Remember: A joke a day keeps the ghouls away!

Brasith: We abandoned the gods a long time ago. A short time after they abandoned us.

Chester Kahs: It is said that druids are preservers of life and good aligned, but let me ask you if it's so 'good' to sell runes to the highest bidder, no matter who that might be? I think you get the point!

Chester Kahs: It's too easy to become a knight. They take almost everyone. And if you look in the streets you can see what happens if you give training and a flashy title to almost everyone.

Chester Kahs: They should be noble warriors, but does it take bravery to shoot someone from a certain distance? The former paladins were virtuous heroes, the ones you meet today are just simple treasure hunters.

Chester Kahs: I don't know where they got their secret spells in the first place, nor did most of them know ... If I were a sorcerer that would be a fact to give me nightmares.

Dane: Alcohol makes people too aggressive. We don't need such stuff in Carlin.

Duria: Becarefulloutthere, jawoll.

Edowir: I believe that true love is stronger than all magic, don't you agree?

Elvith: Music is an attempt to condensate emotions in harmonies and save them for the times to come.

Emperor Kruzak: Well, only a dead enemy is a good enemy.

Eroth: Gods are for the weak. We will master the world on our own. We need no gods.

Gamon: A quest?! Who needs quests when there is interior decorating!

Jimbin: I supply the army with dwarfish beer to keep morals high.

King Tibianus: Sell? Sell what? My kingdom isn't for sale! [kingdom for a horse!]

Kroox: You not be afraid, here you be save. [I love this dwarfish grammar]

Leeland: Do I hear envy in your voice? Is it that you realy want? To be ... king? Well, one never knows ... perhaps you find something royal in my warehouse.

Lugri: Aren't we all on a quest for survival and supremacy?

Lynda: Life is a gift of the gods, honor life and don't destroy it.

Nemal: I don't believe in gods, but a lot of people do. I never saw a god, why should I trust in someone I never met?

Oswald: You know a rumour? TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!

Oswald: I heard he was a ladies' man in younger days. In our days he is rumoured to wear women clothes now and then. [about Quentin]

Partos: Yeah, a king is a man that can rob people by law, and not by night like me. [ah, taxes…]

Phillip: My business is knowlegde and it is for free. [open source :P]

Shirith: Who needs dreamers in these days? [so real…]

a sweaty cyclops: Steel that is singing when forged. No one knows where find today.

Snake Eye: The Gods of Tibia! What a crap! It's all superstition!

Snake Eye: Cip sux!

Todd: Uhm oh hello... not so loud please... my head... [next day after party with alcohol – hangover?]

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