===Joker===  Sir Valorcrest

Aloha, because this is my user page, maybe i should tell something about my character in Tibia :P


Demonbone Amulet
Necromancer Shield
Death Ring
Ferumbras' Hat
Magma Coat
Demon Legs
Backpack of Holding
Lich Staff
Cat's Paw
Character Information Overview
Name: Santa joker (profile, online time)
Sex: Male
Profession: Elder Druid
Level: 128
Skills: Fist 18 — Shielding 25 — Distance 10 — Magic Level 71 — Fishing 45
Stats: HP: 785Mana: 3,690Cap: 1,670
Residence: Dream realm
World: Titania
Guild: Law, second guild Winterhearts


Quest log

My tibia outfits:

Wizard full
Outfit Wizard Male Addon 3

Jester full
Outfit Jester Male Addon 3

Norseman full
Outfit Norseman Male Addon 3

Shaman full
Outfit Shaman Male Addon 3

Oriental (with scimitar)
Outfit Oriental Male Addon 1

Pirate basic
Outfit Pirate Male

Yalaharian full
Outfit Yalaharian Male Addon 2

In Tibiawiki

In fact, I don't have any longer works, but i like to add loots, sounds, locations and other Monster infos :)
And I noticed that I have added most of infos to the darkest monsters, like Liches, Cults, Necros, Dark Torturers and others that kind of monsters o,o

Since i'm just starting to make this page, hope those infos are enough in the beginning


While waiting you can send me 10k to Thais in Titania. I would like that and make this page ready faster :D

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