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Hunter of Dragoes

My Character

Name: Hunter of Dragoes
Profession: Elite Knight
Level: 129
Hometown: Darashia
World: Celesta

Character Equipment

Platinum Amulet
Obsidian Truncheon
Broken Ring of Ending
Zaoan Helmet
Dragon Scale Mail
Zaoan Legs
Boots of Haste
Crown Backpack
Nightmare Shield
Stone of Insight

Character Stats

My Possible Damage
Character Information
Level 129 Magic Level 7
Vocation Elite Knight Capacity 3,495
Hit Points 2,000 Max Mana 695
Melee Skill 124 Distance Skill 10
Shielding 117 Exp for next Level 34,963,300
Max Weapon Damage
Melee 553 Distance 21
Arrows 37 Bolts 45
Burst Arrows 161 Power Bolts 75
Spell/Rune Min Avg Max
Light Healing 44 46 48
Intense Healing 61 64 68
Ultimate Healing 96 103 110
Attack Runes
Light Magic Missile274155
Heavy Magic Missile, Stalagmite3540.546
Icicle, Fireball485664
Thunderstorm, Stone Shower3848.559
Avalanche, Great Fireball405162
Attack Spells
Fierce Berserk516851993

Quest Log

Quest Log Background.png
A Father's Burden (completed)

The Birthday Presents (completed)
The Magic Bow - Sinew (completed)
The Magic Bow - Wood (completed)
The Magic Robe - Cloth (completed)
The Magic Robe - Silk (completed)
The Magic Rod - Crystal (completed)
The Magic Rod - Root (completed)
The Magic Shield - Iron (completed)
The Magic Shield - Scale (completed)

An Uneasy Alliance

The Maw of the Dragon
The Wrath of the Kahn (completed)

Bigfoot's Burden

Daily Minor Plus: Exterminators
Daily Minor Plus: Mushroom Digger
Gnome Reputation
Recruitment (completed)

Blood Brothers (completed)

Mission 01: Gaining Trust (completed)
Mission 02: Bad Eggs (completed)
Mission 03: His True Face (completed)
Mission 04: The Dark Lands (completed)
Mission 05: Into the Castle (completed)
Mission 06: A Black History (completed)
Mission 07: Boreth (completed)
Mission 08: Lersatio (completed)
Mission 09: Marziel (completed)
Mission 10: Arthei (completed)


Nightmare Knights Rank: Dreamer
Secret Service (AVIN)
The Marid and the Efreet - Djinn Greeting


The Curse of the Full Moon

Hot Cuisine (completed)

Cold Nose - Hot Dishes! (completed)
Hot Cuisine (completed)

In Service Of Yalahar (completed)

Mission 01: Something Rotten (completed)
Mission 02: Watching the Watchmen (completed)
Mission 03: Death to the Deathbringer (completed)
Mission 04: Good to be Kingpin (completed)
Mission 05: Food or Fight (completed)
Mission 06: Frightening Fuel (completed)
Mission 07: A Fishy Mission (completed)
Mission 08: Dangerous Machinations (completed)
Mission 09: Decision Mission (completed)
Mission 10: The Final Battle (completed)
Searoutes around Yalahar (completed)
The Way to Yalahar (completed)

Killing in the Name of...

Edron City: Cyclops (completed)
Lugri: Necromancers and Priestessess
Meriana Rebels: Pirates
Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite
Paw and Fur - Rank: Huntsman
Paw and Fur: Ancient Scarabs (completed)
Paw and Fur: Bloodweb (completed)
Paw and Fur: Bonebeasts (completed)
Paw and Fur: Crystal Spiders (completed)
Paw and Fur: Esmeralda (completed)
Paw and Fur: Fleshcrawler (completed)
Paw and Fur: Giant Spiders (completed)
Paw and Fur: Ice Golems (completed)
Paw and Fur: Mutated Rats (completed)
Paw and Fur: Ribstride (completed)
Paw and Fur: Shardhead (completed)
Paw and Fur: The Old Widow (completed)

Kissing a Pig (completed)

Kissing a Pig (completed)

Liquid Black

Dark Disintegration
The First Visitor (completed)

Outfit and Addon Quests

(there are 12 temporary items here which I won't list)

Rise of Devovorga

Rise of Devovorga - Phrodomo's lair

Sea of Light (completed)

Mission 1: The Plans (completed)
Mission 2: The Collector (completed)
Mission 3: The Mirror Crystal (completed)

Secret Service

Secret Service - AVIN (completed)

Spike Tasks

Drillworm Killing (completed)

The Ape City (completed)

Hairycles' Missions (completed)

The Desert Dungeon (completed)

Desert Quest Treasure (completed)

The Explorer Society (completed)

Explorer Society Ranking: Explorer
Explorer Society Special Badges
Joining the Explorers (completed)
The Astral Portals (completed)
The Bonelord Secret (completed)
The Butterfly Hunt (completed)
The Ectoplasm (completed)
The Elven Poetry (completed)
The Frozen Trench (completed)
The Giant Smith Hammer (completed)
The Ice Delivery (completed)
The Ice Music (completed)
The Islands of Dragons (completed)
The Lizard Urn (completed)
The Memory Stone (completed)
The Orc Powder (completed)
The Plant Collection (completed)
The Rune Writings (completed)
The Skull of Ratha (completed)
The Spectral Dress (completed)
The Spectral Stone (completed)
The Undersea Kingdom (completed)

The First Dragon

The First Dragon

The Hidden City of Beregar

Going Down (completed)
Justice for All (completed)
Royal rescue (completed)
Sweet as Chocolate Cake (completed)
The Good Guard (completed)

The Ice Islands (completed)

Barbarian Test 1: Barbarian Booze (completed)
Barbarian Test 2: The Bear Hugging (completed)
Barbarian Test 3: The Mammoth Pushing (completed)
Befriending the Musher (completed)
Formorgar Mines 1: The Mission (completed)
Formorgar Mines 2: Ghostwhisperer (completed)
Formorgar Mines 3: The Secret (completed)
Formorgar Mines 4: Retaliation (completed)
Nibelor 1: Breaking the Ice (completed)
Nibelor 2: Ecological Terrorism (completed)
Nibelor 3: Artful Sabotage (completed)
Nibelor 4: Berserk Brewery (completed)
Nibelor 5: Cure The Dogs (completed)
The Contactman (completed)
The Honorary Barbarian (completed)
The Secret of Helheim (completed)

The Inquisition

Inquisition Rank: Fiendbane
Mission 1: Interrogation (completed)
Mission 2: Eclipse (completed)
Mission 3: Vampire Hunt (completed)
Mission 4: The Haunted Ruin (completed)
Mission 5: Essential Gathering (completed)
Mission 6: The Demon Ungreez

The Isle Of Evil (completed)

Mission 1: Just A Fishing Trip (completed)
Mission 2: A Potent Fuel (completed)
Mission 3: Something Sweet (completed)
Mission 4: The Technomancer's Machine (completed)
Mission 5: The Map To Evil (completed)
Mission 6: The Secret (completed)
Mission 7: The Master Of Evil (completed)

The New Frontier

Mission 01: A New Land (completed)
Mission 02: From Kazordoon With Love (completed)
Mission 03: Strangers in the Night (completed)
Mission 04: The Mine Is Mine (completed)
Mission 05: Getting Things Busy (completed)
Mission 06: Days Of Doom (completed)
Mission 07: Messengers Of Peace (completed)
Mission 08: An Offer You Can't Refuse (completed)
Mission 09: Mortal Combat
Tome of Knowledge Counter

The Outlaw Camp (completed)

Outlaw Treasure (completed)

The Paradox Tower (completed)

Favourite colour: Green
The Feared Hugo (completed)
The Secret of Mathemagics

The Postman Missions (completed)

Mission 01 (completed)
Mission 02 (completed)
Mission 03 (completed)
Mission 04 (completed)
Mission 05 (completed)
Mission 06 (completed)
Mission 07 (completed)
Mission 08 (completed)
Mission 09 (completed)
Mission 10 (completed)
Postman Ranking: Archpostman.

The Queen of the Banshees (completed)

The Final Battle (completed)
The Hidden Seal (completed)
The Kiss of the Banshee Queen (completed)
The Plague Seal (completed)
The Seal of Demonrage (completed)
The Seal of Logic (completed)
The Seal of Sacrifice (completed)
The Seal of the Truth Path (completed)

The Repenters

Daily Task: About Watering A Garden (completed)
Daily Task: Catching Fire (completed)
Daily Task: Cultivated Magic (completed)
Daily Task: Mushroom Soup (completed)

The Shattered Isles (completed)

A Djinn in Love (completed)
A Poem for the Mermaid (completed)
Access to Goroma (completed)
Access to Laguna Islands (completed)
Access to Meriana (completed)
Access to Nargor (completed)
Access to the Pirate's Tavern (completed)
Ray's Mission 1: Fafnar's Fire (completed)
Ray's Mission 2: Sabotage (completed)
Ray's Mission 3: Spy Mission (completed)
Ray's Mission 4: Proof of Death (completed)
Reputation in Sabrehaven: Loyal
The Counterspell (completed)
The Governor's Daughter (completed)

The Thieves Guild (completed)

Mission 1: Ivory Poaching (completed)
Mission 2: Burglary (completed)
Mission 3: Invitation (completed)
Mission 4: Bridge Robbery (completed)
Mission 5: Enforcing Debts (completed)
Mission 6: Fishnapping (completed)
Mission 7: Blackmail (completed)
Mission 8: Message (completed)
Thieves Guild Rank: Master Thief

The Ultimate Challenges

Barbarian Arena - Greenhorn Mode (completed)
Barbarian Arena Entrance Fee

The White Raven Monastery (completed)

Access to the Isle of Kings (completed)
Fugio's Diary (completed)

Threatened Dreams

The Fairy Treasure (completed)
Troubled Animals (completed)

Tibia Tales

Unnatural Selection (completed)

Daily Task: Colour Me Good (completed)
Daily Task: Magic Mushrooms (completed)
Daily Task: Two Orcs with one Stone (completed)
Mission 1: Skulled (completed)
Mission 2: All Around the World (completed)
Mission 3: Dance Dance Evolution (completed)
Mission 4: Bits and Pieces (completed)
Mission 5: Ray of Light (completed)
Mission 6: Firewater Burn (completed)

What a foolish Quest

What a foolish Quest - A sweet surprise