Name: Ricardo Antonio Cabral Mejía

Country: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Contact Me: Message me in game or send a letter.

Favorite Tibian Pastime: Making UHs, Roleplaying.


Bank Account

Rewrote to make it more user-friendly.


Created it for objects that aren't considered as items. Currently helping develop it.

Other Contributions

Moments to Remember


This book has no notes.

Long time ago, my brother and I went to help fight those deadly pirate raids. During the raid, The Lethal Lissy followed me, and as she missed every hit, I threw about 6 Sudden Death runes to her, and there she fell. So I had the honor to take her shirt, which later I decided to sell.

The sad part of the story is that there was another raid today, February 23th 2007. So a friend and I went right away to her spawn, ignorant us, because we shouldn't be walking by her spawn during the raid, but there we were, just passing by, as Lethal Lissy and her bodyguards suddenly appeared, surrounding my friend, another guy called Sir Skills and me. I had the time to cast Magic Shield, but it seems my 1175 mana points and 365 hit points (at the time) weren't enough to keep me alive for more than 2 seconds. One of her pirate buccaneers took me down before I could notice.

"The perfect ambush. She wanted revenge, and she got it...

...this isn't the last time you will hear from me, Lissy."

To be continued...

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