Im playing as Fenrir Greytooth in Celesta. Certificate.gif

I registered to tibiawiki becouse I would like to share my knowledge about Tibia with other people. I correct mistakes if I find them and add new sounds/loot/abilities/strategies to monsters without much information, like quaras for instance.. I am able to go underwater and to use the teleport between the explorer society bases, and hopefully soon to buy monkey statues and go forbidden lands, I've visited PoI and I have done the Dreamer's Challenge Quest, though that was expenisve since I live in non-pvp, my guild is without doubt one of the best guild on my server ^^.

Projects I sometimes work on include

  • Learning more about/even obtaining the Excalibug
  • Solving the Serpentine tower's riddle
  • Solving the mystery of the "Pentagram room".

In Tibia
Profession: Elite Knight
Level:103(started growing again) - I also got a Level 39 Elder Druid.
Hometown: Darashia
Guild : Ad Infinitum.
Position: Not Senior Tutor Anymore(D:)
Preferred spell: Berserk
Preferred weapon: Avenger

My Equipment

Amulet of Loss
Ring of the Sky
Royal Helmet
Magic Plate Armor
Blue Legs
Boots of Haste
Backpack Pirate
Mastermind Shield

Equipment Goal

Amulet of Loss
Warlord Sword
Ring of the Sky
Horned Helmet
Magic Plate Armor
Demon Legs
Boots of Haste
Backpack of Holding
Annihilation Bear

My addons

Outfit Citizen Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Hunter Male Addon 2.gif Outfit Summoner Male Addon 1.gif Outfit Beggar Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Pirate Male.gif Outfit Assassin Male.gif Outfit Norseman Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Shaman Male.gif

Current addons im working on

See This Page to see which outfits im working on

Quests completed:
Alawar's Vault Quest - Solo
Banshee Quest -Finally done
Banuta Quest - Help from many friends, last mission I used a cleaning team.
Barbarian Axe Quest - With Sir Laurin and Arcane Lore.
Barbarian Test Quest - Solo mostly.
Battle Axe Quest - Solo
Beggar Outfits Quest - With help from friends, also done addons.
Berserker Treasure Quest - With Sir Laurin and Arcane Lore.
Behemoth Quest - with Joakim'Sorcerer.
Black Knight Quest - With .. eh forgotten ya
Blessed Ankh Quest - on way to banshee quest Blood Herb Quest - Did with Roald Gort.
Blue Djinn Quest - Twaz ue'd and clared it.
Bright Sword Quest - Did with Nevaran.
Circle Room Quest - With Jan Gort among others.
Crusader Helmet Quest - Team of Deep Argento, Art Featherpitch and Sir Laurin
Dark Armor Quest - With Arcane Lore and Sir Laurin.
Dead Archer Quest - Solo.
Desert Dungeon Quest - Team (Duh), don't remember who.
Devil Helmet Quest With Art Featherpitch and Arcane Lore.
Double Hero Quest With Elawin.
Draconia Quest - Team, dun remember
Dragon Tower Quest - Nafan helped me.
Dreamer's Challenge Quest - Insane bomber helped me.
Edron Goblin Quest - Solo.
Eleonore Quest - Solo.
Elephant Tusk Quest - Solo.
Elvenbane Quest - With Sir Laurin.
Emperor's Cookies Quest - Solo.
Explorer Brooch Quest - Solo (Duh)
Explorer Society Quest- with help from many friends!
Fanfare Quest - Solo
Fishing Box Quest - solo
Formorgar Mine Quest -Toxolzet, Aimend and Mars von Aiur involved.
Geomancer Quest - With Sir Laurin and Death Orion Knighted.
Ghoul Room Quest - Did in lvl 40's
Giant Smithhammer Quest - Did at lvl 45
Green Djinn Quest - Doing on my Druid.
Griffin Shield Quest - Around lvl 50's.
Hydra Egg Quest - Several Times.
Inukaya Quest - Solo.
Iron Hammer Quest - Solo.
Iron Helmet Quest - Solo.
Life Ring Quest - Did it in my newb days with a team I can easily solo it now though
Mad Mage Quest - Did with Jan Gort and Lyche Gort.
Mastermind Potion Quest - On the way there.
Medusa Shield Quest - Did with Joakim'Sorcerer.
Meriana Quest - Partly with Mac Stone and partly solo.
Noble Armor Quest - Solo
Norseman Outfits Quest - Team involved.
Orc Fortress Quest - With team Elawin, Adrian Dox, Death Orion Knighted
Orc Shaman Quest - Solo going to Shadowthorn
Panpipe Quest - Solo.
Paradox Tower Quest - Did with Sir Laurin.
Pirate Outfits Quest - Help from Ismine and Shining Feraligator.
Poison Daggers Quest - With Sir Laurin and Arcane Lore.
Postman Quest - Fully Completed.
Shaman Treasure Quest - Solo.
Skeleton Decoration Quest - Solo.
Silver Brooch Quest - Solo.
Skull of Ratha Quest - Solo.
Spike Sword Quest - With Arcane Lore.
Stealth Ring Quest - Solo.
Steel Helmet Quest - Solo.
Thais Lighthouse Quest - Solo.
Throwing Star Quest - With Sir Laurin.
Time Ring Quest - With help from unknown people.
Triangle Tower Quest - Some high lvl cleared in my newbie days.
Two Rubies Quest - With Arcane Lore.
Troll Cave Quest - Solo
Vampire Shield Quest - Thanks to Neamed and Leel Thos.
White Pearl Quest - Solo

Quests im doing at the moment
Dreamer's Challenge Quest
(nightmare knights faction).
25/500 demonic essence gotten.
The Ultimate Challenges Quest
Annihilator and Warlord Difficulty left

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