aka Dave

  • I live in Avoca, Michigan; USA
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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My most known character is Sajomis from Pacera.

Hey Everyone I am a long time player of Tibia February 8, 1998. I started out in Antica, moved to Chimera, and now I'm a frequent face seen in Pacera. I am currently going to college to learn web development for my major and I'm also going to go for a minor in art. I have friends and family inside and outside the game that I would like to give props to for making both gaming and living worth while. Love you all. I have a Royal Paladin named Sajomis who is my main, then I have a Master Sorcerer/ Elder Druid Mage team that supplies my Paladin with runes. I am a big believer in if your not going to play without bots, cheating, hacking or anything else then don't play, your wasting your time whats the point in playing the game if its a hacked or cheated account? Be a high level before you run into something worth while that your not going to know how to handle because you didn't work your way up to it yourself. I am here to relax and have fun, I care more for the people I meet than for the pixels. In my spare time I play tibia, read, write, draw, web build, play paintball / street hockey.Thats all for now. And oh yeah.Nao im no tarped, no fri itens plx, men.

Good Day

    Family:* Wife- Tiane Aralis([̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̅] you Babe)
    • Parents- Celeria & Ents Thrower
    • Sisters- Dolphin on Pacera, Muse le papillion, Zephergal
    • Brothers- Andyoius; Rough Knight; Wibagok
    • Cousins- Asuka Takigawa
    • Daughters- Mel-licious; Morning star dog
    • Nephews- Golden Jake; Knight Sova of Pacera
    • Neices- Wife of Diamond Jake
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