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Dark Luckey

My Character

Name: Dark Luckey
Profession: Elite Knight
Level: 130
Hometown: Ankrahmun
World: Dolera


Property Value
Combat Properties
Health Health Icon 2015
Experience Experience Icon 2,447,431
Est. Max Dmg 570
Summon --/ mana
Convince 40k. mana
General Properties
Name Dark Luckey
Classification Unknown.
Spawn Type
Illusionable {{Yes No}}: Invalid input (maybe ;)).
Pushable ?
Pushes ?
Elemental Properties
Physical 100%
Earth 100%
Fire 100%
Death 100%
Energy 100%
Holy 100%
Ice 100%
Heal 100%
Life Drain 100%
Drown 100%
Immunity Properties
Paralysable ?
Senses Invis. ?
Behavioural Properties
Walks around
Walks through
Other Properties
Version Unknown.
Status Active
Dark Luckey
You see Dark Luckey.
"Gabriel? Where are you? I LOVE YOU!"; "You're gaybar."; "You two are so lazy.."; "Meow."


On rare occasions, monster is accompanied by another that heals him dramatically better than his regular healing.


Melee (0-190), Blood Rage, (0-250) Exori Gran (120-570), Exori Hur(0-24) - rare, fast Self Healing (700-900).

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth





If you're going to try your luck at killing this monster, the loot and experience is phenomenal. Your best bet is to try and take care of this monster in one turn.


30-50 Platinum Coins, 0-200 Ultimate Health Potions, 0-100 Great Health Potions, Obsidian Knife, The Avenger (rare), Blue Legs (rare), Royal Helmet (rare), Platinum Amulet (rare). Boots Of Haste (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare) Blessed Wooden Stake (very rare).


Character Equipment

Platinum Amulet
The Avenger
Sword Ring
Demon Helmet
Yalahari Armor
Blue Legs
Boots of Haste
Brocade Backpack
Teddy Bear

Character Stats

My Possible Damage
Character Information
Level 130 Magic Level 8
Vocation Elite Knight Capacity 3,520
Hit Points 2,015 Max Mana 700
Melee Skill 87 Distance Skill 10
Shielding 79 Exp for next Level 35,789,000
Max Weapon Damage
Melee 396 Distance 21
Arrows 37 Bolts 45
Burst Arrows 163 Power Bolts 75
Spell/Rune Min Avg Max
Light Healing 45 48 50
Intense Healing 66 70 74
Ultimate Healing 106 114 122
Attack Runes
Light Magic Missile284256
Heavy Magic Missile, Stalagmite3642.549
Icicle, Fireball505968
Thunderstorm, Stone Shower4051.563
Avalanche, Great Fireball435465
Attack Spells
Fierce Berserk5208581001

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