My Character

Name: Unknown Name
Profession: Druid
Level: 130
Hometown: Not specified
World: Unknown World

Character Equipment

Gearwheel Chain
Glacial Rod
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'
Yalahari Mask
Royal Scale Robe
Zaoan Legs
Soft Boots
Moon Backpack
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries
Green Light

Character Stats

My Possible Damage
Character Information
Level 130 Magic Level 72
Vocation Druid Capacity 1,690
Hit Points 795 Max Mana 3,750
Melee Skill 22 Distance Skill 10
Shielding 32 Exp for next Level 35,789,000
Max Weapon Damage
Melee 45 Distance 21
Arrows 37 Bolts 45
Burst Arrows 163 Power Bolts 75
Spell/Rune Min Avg Max
Light Healing 135 150 166
Intense Healing 386 422 458
Ultimate Healing 746 818 890
Heal Friend 380 571 761
Mass Healing 462 650 838
Attack Runes
Light Magic Missile477195
Heavy Magic Missile, Stalagmite88119150
Icicle, Fireball166213260
Thunderstorm, Stone Shower104166.5229
Avalanche, Great Fireball119182245
Sudden Death386495604
Attack Spells
Death Strike, Ice Strike,
Flame Strike, Terra Strike, Energy Strike
166 214 261
Ice Wave95142205
Terra Wave476714952
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