Hi, I'm Ct!

I'm really pretty new to tibiawiki, but I'd like to get involved in the community more, so here's my first attempt. I'd really like suggestions of what to put here, since everyone seems to do their user pages differently. Please tell me on my talk page. In fact, I'd just like to know that someone is reading this, so a simple "sup" or something would be great!

My Characters

My original character was on Dolera, but my friends and I got sick of getting mercilessly PKed, so we switched to Pacera, where I started:

Tariel Migadim ( profile)

Then my Dolera char got deleted because I hadn't played him in 7 months, and my friends and I switched to Luminera and made:

Drakken (profile)

He's my main character now, but I decided I needed a rookstayer and created:

Phrosty the Gorilla (profile)

So far, I only have a page for Drakken but I hope to add info for all of them very soon. Of course, ideas would be very much appreciated!

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