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  "abilities": "Melee (0-25)",
  "actualname": "bear",
  "armor": "6",
  "article": "a",
  "behaviour": "",
  "bestiaryclass": "Mammal",
  "bestiarylevel": "Easy",
  "bestiaryname": "bear",
  "bestiarytext": "Bears live in the holes and forests of Tibia. They are pacific animals, but they can get quite aggressive when you enter their habitat. Their stroke can be very strong, but as Bears are slow you should be able to flee. It is recommended to attack Bears with distance fighting weapons.",
  "convince": "300",
  "creatureclass": "Mammals",
  "deathDmgMod": "105%",
  "drownDmgMod": "100%",
  "earthDmgMod": "100%",
  "energyDmgMod": "100%",
  "exp": "23",
  "fireDmgMod": "100%",
  "healMod": "100%",
  "holyDmgMod": "90%",
  "hp": "80",
  "hpDrainDmgMod": "100%",
  "iceDmgMod": "110%",
  "illusionable": "yes",
  "implemented": "Pre-6.0",
  "isboss": "no",
  "location": "Several spawns near Kazordoon, Femor Hills, north  of Thais, near the White Flower Temple, Rookgaard Bear Cave, Bear Room Quest in Rookgaard, Rookgaard Bear Mountain, South of Villa Scapula, Ferngrims Gate, North of Carlin, Fields of Glory, Edron Troll Cave, south of Venore, Desert Dungeon, first floor of the Orc Fort mountain and west of Outlaw Camp.",
  "loot": "{{Loot Table\n |{{Loot Item|0-4|Meat}}\n |{{Loot Item|0-3|Ham}}\n |{{Loot Item|Bear Paw|semi-rare}}\n |{{Loot Item|Honeycomb|rare}}\n}}",
  "maxdmg": "25",
  "name": "Bear",
  "notes": "Bears are fairly strong and can kill poorly equipped players quickly.
{{JSpoiler|To tame this creature, one must use a Slingshot on it.}}", "objectType": "Creature", "occurrence": "Common", "paraimmune": "no", "physicalDmgMod": "100%", "plural": "bears", "primarytype": "Bears", "pushable": "no", "pushobjects": "no", "runsat": "15", "senseinvis": "no", "sounds": [ "Grrrr", "Groar" ], "spawntype": "Regular, Raid, Unblockable", "speed": "78", "strategy": "If you are on Rookgaard, be careful because they are strong creatures. Do not enter the Bear Cave if you don't have good equipment as you can die very fast. Also, never let yourself get trapped in a corner as you cannot push bears.", "summon": "300", "usedelements": "Physical", "walksaround": "Fire, Energy, Poison", "walksthrough": "?" }
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