The new found island of Yalahar needs to be investigated thoroughly.


Edron, Liberty Bay, Yalahar.


Lots of creatures on quarters in Yalahar (including Azerus).


Passage into the innermost area and through the gates to the city quarters; Yalaharian Outfits, 5 Platinum Coins, choose between Yalahari Mask, Yalahari Armor and Yalahari Leg Piece.

Outfit Yalaharian Male Outfit Yalaharian Female In order to gain a Yalaharian Outfits addon, an item rewarded from the Blood Brothers Quest is needed.

Required Equipment


The Way to Yalahar

First make sure you are a member of the Explorer Society, and are the rank of novice or higher, otherwise you will not be able to start this quest.

Go to Wyrdin in the centre of the Ivory Towers in Edron and talk to him about a mission. He will explain to you that a member of the Tibian Explorer Society is in Yalahar and would like his Research Notes of unknown city he will tell you that Captain Max in Liberty Bay will take you to Yalahar.

Once in Yalahar, go find Timothy just north of depot and ask him for his research notes. He will give them to you and tell you about a native friend who is in need of help. Go back to Wyrdin and talk to him about the mission. You will be rewarded 500 gold.

Searoutes around Yalahar

This mission is not mandatory, however it can save time and money. It allows you to travel from different cities to Yalahar.

Go to captain Karith in Yalahar east of Captain Cookie, and ask him for a passage. Karith will request that you get him 5 items (out of 8 possible) to prove that travelling to other cities will be worth while. It is possible to buy these items needed before travelling to Yalahar.

After collecting the items you must then name the city from which you acquired the item. The items do not need to be handed in at once. You will now be able to travel with Karith to these cities for these prices: Ab'Dendriel 150 gp, Ankrahmun 220 gp, Carlin 175 gp, Darashia 200 gp, Liberty Bay 265 gp, Port Hope 250 gp, Thais 190 gp, Venore 175gp.

Town Where Item Gold
Ab'Dendriel Brasith Bottle of Bug Milk 200gp
Ankrahmun Mehkesh Jug of Embalming Fluid 200gp
Carlin Florentine Bowl of Evergreen Flowers 150gp
Darashia Omur Sample of Sand Wasp Honey 200gp
Liberty Bay Lyonel Rum Flask of Rum 150gp
Port Hope Elephants Elephant Tusk --
Thais Gamon Piece of Royal Satin 200gp
Venore Livielle Sample of Venorean Spice 200gp

Mission 01: Something Rotten

First, talk to Palimuth east of Timothy and ask him for a mission. He will ask you to help with some sewer malfunctions. You will need a Crowbar, there are 4 places where you need to go marked with an X on your map, and are not very hard to find.

Yalahar Quest Spot 1 Yalahar Quest Spot 2 Yalahar Quest Spot 3 Yalahar Quest Spot 4

Maps 1, 3 and 4 can be accessed through the same sewer gate just east of depot. Map 2 can only be accessed through the sewer gate far to the north-west, close to the Alchemist Quarter stairs, Guide Edna can mark this on your map. Then report back to Palimuth.

Mission 02: Watching the Watchmen

You have to find all 7 guards. This is a good mission to explore the Quarters of Yalahar.

You should start at the south-west as this is faster, although you can also start at the Magician Quarter (north). You need to find the guards inbetween the Quarters and ask them for their report, they will then give you their report and you can pass through into the next quarter and find the next guard.

Maps: The guards locations are on the maps below (inside the Quarters which are marked with green arrows

Yalahar Quest Foreign Arena - Yalahar Quest Alchemist Arena - Yalahar Quest Alchemist Cemetery - Yalahar Quest Cemetery Magician - Yalahar Quest Magician Sunken - Yalahar Quest Sunken Factory - Yalahar Quest Factory Trade
Foreign - Arena, Arena - Alchemist, Alchemist - Cemetery, Cemetery - Magician, Magician - Sunken, Sunken - Factory, Factory - Trade

After having all guard reports, go back to Palimuth.

Mission 03: Death to the Deathbringer

This is where the quest becomes divided, you can either do missions for Palimuth (good side) or for Yalahari (Azerus) (bad side). You only need to help one for each mission and you do not have to stick to "one side" incase you change your mind on the next mission. From now on you will still need to ask mission of Palimuth even if you choose to not help him, otherwise sealed doors will not open.

Palimuth will give you two notes to read and then send you to his superior for this mission. Yalahari (Azerus) will also ask you to read two notes he gives you and request you help him with a problem in the Alchemist Quarter, he wants you to retrieve an Alchemists' formulas as well as kill 3 plague bearers.

You will now be able to use the Mechanism to the Alchemist Quarter

Palimuth doesn't like the idea of Yalahari (Azerus) getting a hold of the Alchemists' formulas and asks you to burn them using an Oven

During this mission you will face Death Blobs, Mutated Humans, Mutated Rats, Acid Blobs, Slimes, Mutated Tigers and Bog Raiders, so bringing a blocker or a shooter with you would be helpful. In order for this mission to be successful you must kill them and gain the most experience.

Location of Diseased Dan, Diseased Bill and Diseased Fred:
Diseased1 Diseased2 Diseased3

You may have to possibly 6 Bog Raiders and 2 Mutated Tigers here, maybe more. Go down the stairs north-east of Diseased Bill and Diseased Fred, then head north-west the building the papers are found, now you choose whether to burn the formulas or give them to Yalahari.

Location of the Alchemists' formulas:

Mission 04: Good to be Kingpin

For this mission you are asked to go to the Trade Quarter and negociate or threaten Mr. West. Once again you will gain access to the Mechanism although if you choose to help Palimuth you will not want to use this.

Palimuth asks you to travel through the sewers to Mr. West therefore avoiding the need to kill his people. When you find Mr. West you are to tell him about your mission. Go to the sewers north-west of the depot, then go south and follow the passage here until you find a door. Go through the door and follow the tunnel until the end. Be prepared for Tarantulas, Slimes, and Centipedes).
Yalahar Quest Mission 4

Yalahari (Azerus) will ask you to use the gate to the Trade Quarter, killing as many of Mr. West's henchmen as you go then forcing him into submission. Use the Mechanism and head south-west until you find a quest door, there you find Mad Scientists, Gladiators, Gang Members and other small and easy monsters for level 20+. Work your way up to the top of the building and head south through another door, this is where you will find [[[Mr. West]]. You can choose to go back through the sewers now or the way you first came.

Mission 05: Food or Fight

This mission is in the Arena Quarter, you are asked to find a druid by the name of Tamerin. You will get permission to use the gates Mechanism.

Yalahari (Azerus) wants you to get Tamerin to breed warbeasts to help them take back control of all the Quarters. Whereas Palimuth begs for you to request that Tamerin breeds cattle for food. But Tamerin will only listen to your mission after you fulfil 2 favours for him:

The first is to bring him a flask of Animal Cure, you can buy this from Siflind on Nibelor you need to have the mission inorder to buy. As well as The Ice Islands Quest started for access to Nibelor. If you are unable to buy you can ask someone else who has the quest and access to get it for you, aslong as they are on this current mission.
The second favour is to kill Morik the Gladiator and bring his helmet back to Tamerin as proof.

Report back to Tamerin and he will listen to your request and you can now make your choice. Cattle for Palimuth or Warbeasts for Yalahari (Azerus).

The way to Tamerin and Morik the Gladiator:
Yalahar Quest Tamerin Yalahar Quest Morik

Mission 06: Frightening Fuel

Note: People will have a chance to steal your Ghost Charm.

Yalahari (Azerus) orders you to travel to the Cemetery Quarter and find the Strange Carving. He gives you a Ghost Charm and tells you to charge it with the tormented souls of the ghosts there to be used as an energy source. Palimuth also wants the Charged Ghost Charm in order to free those souls. You can new use the Cemeterys Mechanism now.

Where to use the Ghost Charm:
Yalahar Quest Mission 6

Go to the big building in the Cemetery Quarter and use the Ghost Charm on the Strange Carving at the back of the room. Kill Tormented Ghosts and use the Ghost Residue on the charm twice, this will make 4 more Tormented Ghosts appear. At this point the Ghost Charm will then change into a Charged Ghost Charm. You can now go back to Palimuth and tell him about your mission or you can give it back to Yalahari (Azerus).

Mission 07: A Fishy Mission

You will now need a Helmet of the Deep as you are going to the Sunken Quarter, it is wise to bring friends along to help as you will face many strong Quara on this mission.

The maps indicate the way which you will encounter less strong quaras, you do not have to go by the maps. The green areas are the places you will go for the Yalaharis side, whereas the yellow shows Palimuth's way.
In Service of Yalahar mission 7 Map 1 -4 In Service of Yalahar mission 7 Map 2 -5 In Service of Yalahar mission 7 Map 3 -6
Until the 3rd map you will only meet Quara Constrictors and Quara Mantassins. On the last floor you will also meet Quara Hydromancers, Quara Pinchers and Quara Predators.

Ask Yalahari (Azerus) will send you for a new mission, to go to the Sunken Quarter and kill the Quara Leaders, Inky, Splasher and Sharptooth. Talk to Tarak and ask him for a trip there. Wear your Helmet of the Deep and jump into the water. Becareful as the bosses can sometimes do alot of damage.

Rather than fighting any Quara leaders Palimuth will instead send you out the cause for the Quaras aggressive behaviour. Find Maritima and talk to her about the Quara, she will explain what their problem is, you can now go back and tell Palimuth.

Mission 08: Dangerous Machinations

For this mission the Yalahari requests you go to the Factory Quarter and find a pattern crystal, which will be used to supply weapons to help take control of the city. Palimuth will send you there to use the crystal to supply food for the city.

Yalahar Quest Mission 8
Note: You can take both crystals but you only need to use one.

Mission 09: Decision

You now need to decide between supporting Palimuth or the Yalahari's goal. To choose Palimuth's side (Good way) go to him, and simply ask him for a mission mission. Likewise, to join the Yalahari (Evil way) go to him and say the same. This will complete mission 9. You can now ask for the next mission.

Mission 10: The Final Battle

You cannot do this mission alone, so gather a team with at least 15 players, and with Level 100 or higher.

Mages should bring some of each Area Rune, (Avalanche Runes, Thunderstorm Runes, Great Fireball Runes and Stone Shower Runes).

Azerus will first appear with Rift Worms, kill the Rift Worms and ignore Azerus as he is extremely hard to kill at this point. Azerus will then teleport to another place in the room and summon Rift Broods, treat these like Massive Energy Elementals and use Stone Shower on them while still ignoring Azerus. Now Azerus will summon Rift Scythes, these are similar to Grim Reapers so use Great Fireball Runes. Azerus will next summon War Golems. You will now find it much easier to damage Azerus so do this wile ignoring the War Golems.

Yalahar Quest Mission 10 a

Once Azerus is dead, his body will turn into a Magic Forcefield. All of the players must step in the forcefield and will be teleported to a room where many Rift Monsters can be seen. Walk to the most northern point in the room as the image below displays. If you see red letters referring to Azerus' army, then you have finished.

Yalahar Quest Mission 10 b

Report back to whichever NPC you have chosen to help and you will now have a Yalaharian Outfit as well as the reward room. Choose carefully which reward you pick as you can only take one item, the picture below shows the order of the prizes.

Yalahar Quest Rewards


The Way to Yalahar

Player: Hello
Wyrdin: Hello, what brings you here?
Player: mission
Wyrdin: There is indeed something that needs our attention. In the far north, a new city named Yalahar was discovered. It seems to be incredibly huge. ...
Wyrdin: According to travelers, it's a city of glory and wonders. We need to learn as much as we can about this city and its inhabitants. ...
Wyrdin: Gladly the explorer's society already sent a representative there. Still, we need someone to bring us the information he was able to gather until now. ...
Wyrdin: Please look for the explorer's society's captain Maximilian in Liberty Bay. Ask him for a passage to Yalahar. There visit Timothy of the explorer's society and get his research notes. ...
Wyrdin: It might be a good idea to explore the city a bit on your own before you deliver the notes here, but please make sure you don't lose them.

Player: hello
Timothy: Oh, hello! It's a pleasure to see a visitor from the continent.
Player: research notes
Timothy: Oh, you are the contact person of the academy? Here are the notes that contain everything I have found out so far. ...
Timothy: This city is absolutely fascinating, I tell you! If there hadn't been all this trouble and chaos in the past, this city would certainly be the greatest centre of knowledge in the world. ...
Timothy: Oh, by the way, speaking about all the trouble here reminds me of Palimuth, a friend of mine. He is a native who was quite helpful in gathering all these information. ...
Timothy: I'd like to pay him back for his kindness by sending him some experienced helper that assists him in his effort to restore some order in this city. Maybe you are interested in this job?
Player: yes
Timothy: Excellent! You will find Palimuth near the entrance of the city centre. Just ask him if you can assist him in a few Player: missions.

Player: hi
Wyrdin: Hello, what brings you here?
Player: mission
Wyrdin: Did you bring the papers I asked you for?
Player: yes
Wyrdin: Oh marvellous, please excuse me. I need to read this text immediately. Here, take this small reward of 500 gold pieces for your efforts.
Player: bye
Wyrdin: Good luck for your travels....

Searoutes around Yalahar

Player: hi
Karith: Hello! Tell me what's on your mind. Time is money.
Player: passage
Karith: I see no reason to establish ship routes to other cities. There is nothing that would be worth the effort. ...
Karith: But since you won't stop bugging me, let's make a deal: If you can prove that at least five of your so-called 'cities' are not worthless, I might reconsider my position. ...
Karith: Bring me something SPECIAL! The local bar tenders usually know what's interesting about their city.
Player: darashia(or any other of the 5 cities)
Karith: From all what I have heard, it is an unremarkable pile of huts in the desert. Or did you find something interesting there?
Player: yes
Karith: Sand wasp honey? Hm, interesting at least!
Player: thais
Karith: Thais must be a hell hole if only half of the stories we hear about it are true. Or did you find something interesting there?
Player: yes
Karith: This royal satin is indeed of acceptable quality.
Player: carlin
Karith: An unremarkable town compared to the wonders of Yalahar. Or did you find something interesting there?
Player: yes
Karith: I doubt that these flowers will stay fresh and healthy forever. But if they do, they could be indeed valuable.
Player: ab'dendriel
Karith: I've never been there. I doubt the elves there came up with something noteworthy. Or did you find something interesting there?
Player: yes
Karith: What's that? Bug milk? Hm, perhaps I can find some customers for that!
Player: venore
Karith: Another port full of smelly humans, fittingly located in a swamp. Or did you find something interesting there?
Player: yes
Karith: Some special spice might be of value indeed.
Player: liberty bay
Karith: Which sane captain would sail his ship to a pirate town? Or did you find something interesting there?
Player: yes
Karith: I doubt that the esteemed Yalahari will indulge into something profane as rum. But who knows, I'll give it a try.
Player: passage
Karith: For the sake of profit, we established ship routes to Ab'Dendriel, Darashia, Venore, Ankrahmun, Port Hope, Thais, Liberty Bay and Carlin.

Mission 01: Something Rotten

Player: hello
Palimuth: Greetings.
Player: job
Palimuth: I'm an Augur of the city of Yalahar. My special duty consists of coordinating the efforts to keep the city and its services running.
Player: mission
Palimuth: You probably heard that we have numerous problems in different quarters of our city. Our forces are limited, so we really could need some help from outsiders. ...
Palimuth: Would you like to assist us in re-establishing order in our city?
Player: yes
Palimuth: I'm pleased to hear that. Rarely we meet outsiders that care about our problems. Most people come here looking for wealth and luxury. ...
Palimuth: However, I have to tell you that our ranking system is quite rigid. So, I'm not allowed to entrust you with important missions as long as you haven't proven yourself as reliable. ...
Palimuth: If you are willing to work for the city of Yalahar, you can ask me for a mission any time, be it night or day.
Player: mission
Palimuth: I hope your first mission will not scare you off. Even though, we cut off our sewer system from other parts of the city to prevent the worst, it still has deteriorated in the last decades. ...
Palimuth: Certain parts of the controls are rusty and the drains are stuffed with garbage. Get yourself a crowbar, loosen the controls and clean the pipes from the garbage. ...
Palimuth: We were able to locate the 4 worst spots in the sewers. I will mark them for you on your map so you have no trouble finding them. Report to me when you have finished your mission. ...

Mission 02: Watching the Watchmen

Player: mission
Palimuth: So are you done with your work?
Player: yes
Palimuth: Thank you very much. You have no idea how hard it was to find someone volunteering for that job. If you feel ready for further missions, just tell me.
Player: mission
Palimuth: We are still present at each quarter's city wall, even though we can do little to stop the chaos from spreading. Still, our garrisons are necessary to maintain some sort of order in the city. ...
Palimuth: My superiors ask for a first hand report about the current situation in the single city quarters. I need someone to travel to our garrisons to get the reports from the guards. Are you willing to do that?
Player: yes
Palimuth: I must warn you, the quarters are in a horrible state. I strongly advise you to stay on the main roads whenever possible while you get those reports. ...
Palimuth: You'll find our seven guards at the gates of each quarter. Just ask them for their report and they will tell you all you need to know.

Mission 03: Death of the Deathbringer

Player: hi
Palimuth: Greetings.
Player: mission
Palimuth: I did my best to impress my superiors with your accomplishments and it seems that it worked quite well. They want you for their own missions now. ...
Palimuth: Missions that are more important than the ones you've fulfilled for me. However, before you leave, there are still some things I need to tell you. ...
Palimuth: Listen, I can't explain you everything in detail right now and here. You never know who might be eavesdropping. ...
Palimuth: I left some notes in the small room there. Get them and read them. Talk to me again when you've read the notes.

Player: hi
Palimuth: Greetings.
Player: mission
Palimuth: Now you know as much as we do about the things happening in Yalahar. It's up to you what you do with this information. ...
Palimuth: Now leave and talk to my superior Azerus in the city centre to get your next mission. I urge you, though, to talk to me whenever he sends you on a new mission. ...
Palimuth: I think it is important that you hear my opinion about them. Now hurry. I suppose Azerus is already waiting.

Player: hi
Yalahari: Greetings.
Player: mission
Yalahari: With all the coming and going of strangers here, it would be quite tedious to explain everything again and again. So we have written a manifesto. ...
Yalahari: Grab a copy from the room behind me. Let's talk about your further career in our ranks once you've read it.

Player: hi
Yalahari: Greetings.
Player: mission
Yalahari: I'm mildly impressed by your previous deeds in our service. So I'm willing to grant you some more important missions. ...
Yalahari: If you please us, a life of luxury as an important person in our city is ensured. If you fail, you will be replaced by someone more capable than you. ...
Yalahari: So if you are up for a challenge, ask me for a mission.
Player: mission
Yalahari: The former alchemist quarter was struck by even more disasters than the rest of the city. Fires, explosions, poisonous fumes - all sorts of catastrophes. ...
Yalahari: The worst plague, however, are unknown diseases that have spread in this quarter and eradicated any human population. We must stop it before other quarters are afflicted. We already identified certain carriers responsible for spreading the plague. ...
Yalahari: It will be your task to eliminate them. This spell will protect you from becoming infected yourself. Enter the alchemist quarter and kill the three plague carriers, and at best anything else you might find there. ...
Yalahari: Even more important, retrieve the last research notes that the local alchemists made before the plague killed them. They might be the key for a cure or something else....
Yalahari: At least we have to make sure that these scientists did not die in vain, and honour their researches. So please bring us these research notes. ...
Yalahari: Also, I will inform the guards that you are allowed to pass the centre gate to the alchemist quarter. Just use the gate mechanism to pass.

Player: hi
Palimuth: Greetings.
Player: mission
Palimuth: This quarter has been sealed off years ago. To send someone there poses a high risk to spread the plague. I assume these research notes you've mentioned must be very important. ...
Palimuth: After all those years it is more than strange that someone shows interest in these notes now. Considering what has happened to the alchemists, it is rather unlikely that they contain harmless information. ...
Palimuth: I fear these notes will be used to turn the plague into some kind of weapon. Someone with this plague at his disposal could subdue the whole city by blackmailing. ...
Palimuth: I beg you to destroy these notes. Just put them into some burning oven to get rid of them and report that you did not find the notes.

Not burning the research papers:
Player: hi
Yalahari: Greetings.
Player: mission
Yalahari: So you have killed the plague carriers. Have you also retrieved the research papers?
Player: yes
Yalahari: Impressive indeed! Someone with your skills will quickly raise in our ranks of helpers. You have great potential, and if you are upfor further missions, just ask for them.

Burning the research papers:
Player: hi
Yalahari: Greetings.
Player: mission
Yalahari: So you have killed the plague carriers. Have you also retrieved the research papers?
Player: no
Yalahari: Hm, no sign of any notes you say? That's odd - odd and a bit suspicious. I doubt you have tried hard enough. ...
Yalahari: There are only a few chances to impress us. For those who please us great rewards are in store. If you fail though, you might lose more than you can imagine.

Mission 04: Good to be Kingpin

Player: Mission
Yalahari: We surely cannot allow some underworld kingpin to rule a significant part of the city. Although, I have to admit that his firm grip on the former trade quarter might be useful....
Yalahari: I expect you to fight your way through his minions and to show him that we are determined and powerful enough to retake the quarter, if necessary by force. Talk to himafter killing some of his henchmen. ...
Yalahari: I'm sure he'll understand that he will succumb to a greater power. That's how his little empire has worked after all. ...
Yalahari: Also, I will inform the guards that you are allowed to pass the centre gate to the trade quarter now. Just use the gate mechanism to pass.

Player: Mission
Palimuth: Mr. West is a little paranoid. That's the reason for his immense private army of bodyguards. He could surely be helpful, especially as he rules over the former trade quarter. ...
Palimuth: If you were able to reach him without killing his henchmen, you could probably convince him that you mean no harm to him. ...
Palimuth: That would certainly cement our relationship without any needless bloodshed. Perhaps you could use the way through the sewers to avoid his men. ...
Palimuth: Mr. West is not a bad man. We should be able to work out some plans to reconstruct the city's safety as soon as he overcomes his paranoia towards us.

If going through sewers:

Player: Hi
Mr. West: Wh .. What? How did you get here? Where are all the guards? You .. you could have killed me but yet you chose to talk? What a relief! ...
Mr. West: So what brings you here my friend, if I might call you like that?
Player: Mission
Mr. West: Indeed, I can see the benefits of a mutual agreement. I will later read the details and send a letter to your superior.

Player: Mission
Palimuth: You did quite well in gaining a new friend who will work together with us. ...
Palimuth: I'm sure he'll still try to gain some profit but that's still better than his former one-man rule during which he dictated his own laws.

Player: Mission
Yalahari: So he has been too uncooperative for you? Well, you weren't the first we have sent and you won't be the last. ...
Yalahari: However, if you cannot even serve us as a bully, we might have to rethink if you are the right person for us. That was a bad job and we don't tolerate many of them.

If going through gate:

Player: Hi
Mr. West: Murderer! But .. I give in, you won! ...
Mr. West: Dictate me your conditions but please, I beg you, spare my life. What do you want?
Player: Mission
Mr. West: Yes, for the sake of my life I'll accept those terms. I know when I have lost. Tell your master I will comply with his orders.

Player: Mission
Yalahari: I hope you gave this criminal a real scare! I'm sure he'll remember what he has to expect if he arouses our anger again. ...
Yalahari: You have proven yourself as quite valuable with this mission! That was just the first step on your rise through the ranks of our helpers. ...
Yalahari: Just ask me for more missions and we will see what you are capable of!

Mission 05: Food or Fight

Player: Hi
Player: mission
Yalahari: As you probably noticed, once our city had a park and a zoo around a grand arena. It was a favourite pastime of our citizens to visit this quarter in their spare time. ...
Yalahari: Nowadays, the quarter is lost. The animals are on the loose, and an attempt to revitalise the city with new arena games resulted in a revolt of the foreign gladiators. ...
Yalahari: Now all kinds of beasts roam the park, and gladiators challenge them and visitors to test their skills. One of the residents is an ancient druid that rather cares foranimals than for people. ...
Yalahari: It is said that he is able to use magic to breed animals with changed abilities and appearances. Such skills are of course quite useful for us. ...
Yalahari: We lack the manpower to retake all quarters, or just to defend ourselves adequately. If he bred us some guards and warbeasts, we could strengthen our positionconsiderably. ...
Yalahari: Travel to the arena quarter and gain his assistance for us. I will inform the guards that you are allowed to pass the centre gate to the arena quarter now. Just use thegate mechanism to pass.

Player: Hi
Palimuth: Greetings.
Player: mission
Palimuth: Warbeasts? Is this true? People are already starving. ...
Palimuth: How can we afford to feed an army of hungry beasts? They will not only strengthen the power of the Yalahari over the citizens, they also mean starvation and deathfor the poor. ...
Palimuth: Instead of breeding warbeasts, this druid should breed cattle to feed our people. Please I beg you, convince him to do that!

Player: Hi
Tamerin: Hello, what brings you here?
Player: mission
Tamerin: Why should I do something for another human being? I have been on my own for all those years. Hmm, but actually there is something I could need some assistance with. ...
Tamerin: If you help me to solve my problems, I will help you with your mission. Do you accept?
Player: yes
Tamerin: I ask you for two things! For one thing, I need an animal cure and for another thing, I ask you to get rid of the gladiator Morik for me.

Player: animal cure
Tamerin: Thank you very much. As I said, as soon as you have helped me to solve both of my problems, we will talk about your mission.
Player: morik
Tamerin: So he finally got what he deserved. As I said, as soon as you have helped me to solve both of my problems, we will talk about your mission.
Tamerin: You have kept your promise. Now, it's time to fulfil my part of the bargain. What kind of animals shall I raise? Warbeasts or cattle?
Player: cattle OR Player: warbeasts
Tamerin: So be it! If cattle:
Player: mission
Palimuth: These are great news indeed. The people of Yalahar will be grateful. The Yalahari probably not, so take care of yourself.
Player: mission
Yalahari: This druid dares to affront us? We will look into this when we have enough time. But there are other things that needs to be settled. ...
Yalahari: Although, we probably should not do so after your last failure, we are willing to grant you another mission.

Mission 06: Frightening Fuel

Player: mission
Yalahari: The old cemetery of the city has been abandoned decades ago when the activity of the various undead there became unbearable. The reason for their appearance was never found out or researched. ...
Yalahari: However, those undead could be useful, at least some of them. Particular ghosts consist of a substance that is very similar to the energy source that powered some of our devices. ...
Yalahari: Since we lack most of the original sources, some substitute might come in handy. Take this ghost charm and place it on the strange carving in the cemetery. ...
Yalahari: Use it to attract ghosts and slay them. Then use the residues of the ghosts on the charm to capture the essence. ...
Yalahari: Once it is filled, ghosts will not be attracted any longer. Then return the charm to me. I will inform the guards that you are allowed to pass the centre gate to the cemetery quarter now. Just use the gate mechanism to pass.

Player: mission
Palimuth: What a sick idea to misuse tortured souls to power some device! Though, this charm might be useful to free these poor souls. ...
Palimuth: Please capture the souls as you have been instructed and then bring the charm to me. I will see to it that the souls are freed to go to the afterlife in peace.


Palimuth: Greetings.
Player: mission
Palimuth: I thank you also in the name of these poor lost souls. I will send the charm to a priest who is able to release them. ...
Palimuth: Tell the Yalahari that the charm was destroyed by the energy it contained.

Player: mission
Yalahari: Destroyed you say? That's impossible! I'm not sure if I can trust you in this matter? One might assume, you fled from the ghosts in terror and left the charm there. ...
Yalahari: You will have to work twice as hard on your next missions to restore the trust you have lost.

Mission 07: A Fishy Mission

Player: mission
Yalahari: Recently, our fishermen have been attacked by a maritime race called the quara. They live in the sunken quarter and are a significant threat to our people. I ask you to enter the sunken quarter and slay all their leaders. ...
Yalahari: We believe that there are three leaders in this area. Your task is simple enough, so you better don't fail! ...
Yalahari: I will inform the guards that you are allowed to pass the centre gate to the sunken quarter now. Just use the gate mechanism to pass.

Player: mission
Palimuth: The quara are indeed a threat. Yet, they are numerous and reproduce quickly. Slaying some of them will only enrage them even more. ...
Palimuth: The quara have been there for many generations. They have never threatened anyone who stayed out of their watery realm. ...
Palimuth: It would be much more useful to find out what the quara are so upset about. Better avoid slaying their leaders as this will only further the animosities.

Method 1:
Player: mission
Yalahari: This will teach these fishmen who is the ruler of that area. You have earned yourself a special privilege. But we will talk about that when we speak about your next mission.

Method 2:
Player: quara
Maritima: Considering that they are quara, they are rather peaceful as long no one enters their territory. ...
Maritima: However, recently the quara got mad because their area is flooded with toxic sewage from the city. If you could inform someone about it, they might stop the sewage and the quara could return to their own business.

Player: mission
Palimuth: Oh no! So that's the reason for the quara attacks! I will do my best to close these sewage pipes. We will have to use other drains.

Mission 08: Dangerous Machinations

Player: mission
Yalahari: In the past, we had many magical factories providing the citizens with everything they needed. Now that most of these factories are shut down, we have trouble getting enough supplies. ...
Yalahari: We need you to enter one of the lesser damaged factories. Go to the factory district and look for a pattern crystal used for weapon production. Use it on the factory controller. ...
Yalahari: It will ensure that the factory will provide us with a suitable amount of weapons which we dearly need to reclaim and secure the most dangerous parts of the city. ...
Yalahari: I will inform the guards that you are allowed to pass the centre gate to the factory quarter now. Just use the gate mechanism to pass.

Player: mission
Palimuth: The constant unrest in the city is to a great extent caused by the lack of food. Weapons will only serve to suppress the poor. ...
Palimuth: The factory you were sent to was once used for the production of food. Somewhere in the factory you might find an old pattern crystal for the production of food. ...
Palimuth: If you use it on the controls instead of the weapon pattern, you will ensure that our people are supplied with the desperately needed food. ...
Player: mission
Yalahari: Your failure is an outrage! I think we have to talk about the missions you have accomplished so far.
Player: mission
Yalahari: I'm quite aware of your connection to this manipulative Palimuth. Still, I see your potential. So I ask you to rethink your loyalties. Come back if you have decided to which side you want to belong.

Mission 09: Decision

Player: mission
Palimuth: Well, what can I say? You have to make a decision. You've seen the differences between my goals and those of Azerus. Make up your mind, but choose wisely!
Player: mission

You have to decide your side:

Palimuth: So do you want to side with me?
Player: yes

Yalahari: So do you want to side with me player?
Player: yes

Mission 10: The Final Battle

If you choose the Palimuth side:

Player: mission
Palimuth: I cannot tell you how we acquired this information, but we have heard that a circle of Yalahari is planning some kind of ritual. ...
Palimuth: They plan to create a portal for some powerful demons and to unleash them in the city to 'purge' it once and for all. ...
Palimuth: I doubt those poor fools will be able to control such entities. I can't figure out how they came up with such an insane idea, but they have to be stopped. ...
Palimuth: The entrance to their inner sanctum has been opened for you. Please hurry and stop them before it's too late. Be prepared for a HARD battle! Better gather some friends to assist you.

If you choose the Yalahari side:

Player: mission
Yalahari: I knew that you were smart enough to make the right decision! Your next mission will be a special one!
Player: mission
Yalahari: For your noble deeds, we would like to invite you to a special celebration ceremony. ...
Yalahari: Only the most prominent Yalahari are allowed to join the festivities. I assume you can imagine what honour it is that you've been invited to join us. Meet us in the inner city's centre. ...
Yalahari: As our most trusted ally, you may pass all doors to reach the festivity hall. There you will receive your reward for the achievements you have gained so far. ...
Yalahari: I'm convinced your reward will be beyond your wildest dreams. And that is just the beginning!

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