About this proposal.

This proposal is compiled from the ideas of some players on Trimera. We don't want to put in too much detail because it is already some pages long, it is made of general ideas on what ‘we’ as a server would like to see on this game and to generate new thoughts about an update that maybe CIP has not thought of yet.

One note: Many of the ideas here came about before the Yalahar update. The proposal has remained similar to how it was previous.

The proposal includes new: Cities. Quests. Things that would be nice. And other things.


The plan for the layout of the new cities.

The idea is a new continent, which is where some these new cities would reside and some like the “city of traders” would be on the main continent, possibly between Thais, Venore and Kazordoon.

The traders city. Here there are some quests with npcs - which may require travelling, buying/selling and talking to other npcs in and around the city and other cities, there would be also a "market square" and an “auction house“. The Market Square is a place where players and npcs trade, this could be like a central hub for traders to go and a place for npcs to buy newer items which, have not been implemented with Rashid. The Auction House is where players take their items to npc(s) to be auctioned in game. This could be automated on the trade forum as a "today's auctions" thread, which could be updated every 30-60 minutes. The buyer and seller's name should be anonymous, this will prevent aggression when a seller auctions an item lower than another seller and the similar problem with buyers. Because it is a trading city there could also be dealings in the black market with the thieves of Thais. There also could be a special hotel where people can buy a room for so many nights.

About this city: It is a pz. A safe haven for travellers from distant lands so fighting is not permitted here. Because it is a pz, the area needs to be large enough so to prevent players from trapping others. There could be some own-able houses but this is mainly a traders place.

The "quest" city. This is generally a place where npcs go with problems, to find friends, get help or to try to escape from problems. Maybe some npcs can only be seen on certain days as they’re travelling to find whatever they may be searching for. The quests that are here seem to fit nicely along with the Tibia Tales quests.

A special raid that lasts for 30 minutes. If you die, you do not lose any experience or skills (this could also be a non-pvp area). The player who kills the most monsters in this raid may get some kind of special bonus such as better loot for the day, and/or the monsters that appear in these raids could hold items the npcs there need.

About this city: Tibians from all over the world have come to this city seeking refuge from rampaging monsters and possibly people, maybe their homes have been destroyed and they have nowhere else to go. The people who come here live in true chaos. Something precious may have been stolen from them. Their friends or family may even been kidnapped or killed and are desperately trying to find out if they are still alive and well. Some have tried to gain help in their homelands but even the leaders of some cities have big enough problems of their own or maybe the authorities just refused to help.

There shouldn't be any own-able houses here because this is a refuge for people. However, if there were to be any they should suit the location and be "slum-like" because this is meant to be a poor area.

Perhaps this city could be combined with the traders city.

The city of games. The city of games explains itself, it’s a city meant for fun. There are areas such as a place for duelling, playing football as well as the games you find in the towns like Thais. There are games and quests with npcs too, ranging from playing with dice to testing ones knowledge about the game.

There is also a weekly contest with an npc where players pay an npc an entry fee and whoever wins gets all the fees, this could be a mix with the other games in the city and maybe join on with the events on the forums. This could maybe bring events that are around on only one server onto other servers (if that could be possible).

There is also racing games where you cannot map walk because if you do you may fall down hidden holes and therefore lose. And a maze where the map in the corner doesn't work, so you have to find your way out. If you want to get out you can always yell, "I give up" or “quit” and be teleported out, maybe there can be monster traps if you walk the wrong way and daily spawns of items such as gems.

New creatures/areas.

"Wraith City." (Could be a knight/sorcerer faction)

A once prospering city destroyed in a catastrophe, many of the survivors fled. However, most were killed or even worse, became horrific beings. Maybe some survivors still remain and hide in terror. There could be a cure for some out there if only it is found in time.

Wraiths HP 1700 exp 2300 -Melee- 700, life drain- 400 (life drain heals caster?) -Strong to melee and energy, immune to death and earth, weak to fire and holy.

There could be a rare spawn of a wraith boss, it could be something like; one of the first who fell to the plague. It could have been the Kings general (someone who is strong and can coordinate attacks). Other kinds of wraith could include: Wraith Brute, Fallen Archer etc. (names of the peoples vocations that fell in the plague)

There could also be wraith npcs which you could work for and gain a reputation (rather like the djinn factions). If you help the wraiths you may get a special reward such as the ability to buy items from them. (decorations, furniture, death resistant equipment, death wielding weapons etc.) However, working for the wraiths would come at a price. It would mean that you would become an enemy of survivors, making you either banished from their city or attacked if attempting to talk to them.

City of the survivors. (Would be more of a paladin/druid faction)

A badly run down city, what survivors remain have gathered here to try to carry on with their lives. Many things still need to be done to get their lives back on track. Some are not satisfied with just leaving their homes and wish to gather help to defeat the wraith brutes. If you help them, you can get special items (if the city consisted of "holy" people). On completion of the quest, players could have the ability to buy holy weapons and armours, as well as "holy" decorative items, the Holy armour could increase holy damage/resistance to death (depending on vocation). If a player has chosen this faction and enters the “wraith” city, even the wraith npcs would show no mercy.

Poll about quests.

There was a poll some time ago concerning which kinds of quests players like to do. Almost half voted saying that they like quests which, reward players with new equipment. Maybe with some of the harder quests suggested here there could be equipment as a reward.


What we would really like to see are lots more quests. Here are some ideas for quests and examples of the kinds of quests we would like to see.

Older city quests. Quests for the leaders of each city. I.e. the King and Queen.

The Kings quest. The King has problems but cannot ask his servants for this kind of help as it may be too embarrassing or dangerous for them.

-For these quests there are ranks as you advance, which can seen by "looking" at a player. The further the progress of the quest the better rank name. (This could be something like "You see the worm Beejay squeek. She is an elder druid ....") There could be certain levels needed to carry on with the missions. Ranging from level 8 to 180+. In addition, more missions can added in updates.

-As each "set" of missions are complete there could be some small but nice rewards, which get better as they ranks go up. Maybe as the final mission is completed, the King may grant a second promotion. However, players would need to do something very important for the King to decide upon this.

The City Guards. The guards suspect that maybe someone close to the Queen of Carlin is trying to overthrow her power. They are unsure who is trying to do this but very strange things have started to happen in the castle and city. They suspect that it may have something to do with Lugri and the Banshee Queen who could be seeking some kind of revenge. The guards need brave warriors to help them find out what is going on.

Perhaps these quests could start off as free for any player and then progress into missions needed to be done by premium time players.

Some more ideas for quests.

More storylines, something interesting and fun is what we would like to see with quests. Maybe certain levels to carry on with certain quests (such as the Kings quest) and quests that can only be started once another is complete.

Npcs may need certain items that monsters drop or money such as the quest city. They may also need a certain amount of monsters needed to be killed, or possibly a monster will drop something an npc needs when the quest has started.

Rather like the goblin raids, when a normal raid (or better; new raids) appear there could be a chance of monsters dropping quest items which are needed by the people of the “quest city”. This kind of quest could gain a small amount experience for players as well as some nice rewards, depending on the kind of raid there would be different rewards maybe even addon items as a reward.

It would be nice if there was a time range for quests. Ones that are a short and easy as well as ones that keep on going and others that have time limits.

What would be nice to see.

More areas like Yalahar!

More quests/hunting places, which are good for party hunts such as Inquisition quest, F Mines and Poi.

It would also be nice if we had the enjoyment of exploring new places and gaining experience (like Yalahar). Instead of needing levels to look forward to things, (such as anni, poi, inquisition etc.) it would be more fun to have a large map to explore with lots on it and lots of things to do.

Coming from a discussion thread on forums about tutor improvements Tutor test: One way to dramatically improve the tutor test system and maybe the recruitment of game masters. Would be to give more of a responsibility to senior tutors. They could have a hand in writing the tutor test and picking out whom they see fit to become a tutor. This could possibly help find out who has cheated on the test.

My thought is that it could be more like an exam, rather than a test. Where the players applying to become a tutor would need to write out the answers, once completed it would be sent anonymously to a board which is only for tutor applicants. Senior tutors could approve or disapprove of the player becoming a tutor, maybe 10 senior tutors would have to vote and then it could be passed onto the head tutor for confirmation.

It would be an optional thing for senior tutors to do but it could go on their record, which may lead to them becoming a game master. Senior tutors could also become mentors for a certain amount of tutors (like 10), to help them get used to being a tutor and having someone to learn and take advice from.

At the least, I feel as though it would have a positive affect on tutors and help to free some time up for CS/GMs. If these reports (support and internal boards) were categorised, it would be a great place for tutors to start work as they maybe could have a hand in categorising the reports (leaving the ones they were unsure of). By this, I mean many people post on the GM board whenever something is wrong when, it would be better placed in the technical board for example. To save confusion for that player trying to find the thread. They could perhaps log in on their account page, which would have a posting history relating only to the support boards.

It would also be nice to have an online help channel as sometimes, it can take a long time for a tutor to reply and they sometimes don’t know the answers themselves. It would be great if the help channels were ‘recorded’ to help find where tutors need help with their knowledge and to also ‘judge’ their actions as well as the disruptive players who go in there. After all many a phone company records conversations to help improve their customer relations (even though it is not as simple as that on a game, and that tutors aren’t Cipsoft)


For just fun, occasionally there could be two ‘test’ servers. Players would level, get their money ready and go ‘sign up’ (at a cost, like the barbarian arenas) as a guild or server onto one of these two servers as an all out war. As people have different views on everything, one could be where you lose nothing in the case of death and just for pure fun. Whereas, the other server would be just like a pvp-e server, where blessings and aols mean nothing.

This would be perfect for those players who like the risks. You could keep what you win from the dead players and take it back to your own servers, win trophies for being the top killer(s) of the server etc. To not spoil people ‘cheating’ at such wars their character should be moved to the ‘test’ servers so that they cant level up and go back into the war.

Other things.

Improve server log function/options

Supported/Promoted fan sites have been using the party feature to make interesting statistics for players as well as calculate waste/profits in a hunt, it would be nice to help make their lives easier when collecting data on loot. Without turning “on” the server messages, it would be nice to perhaps right click party channel to show loot.

There should be an option to turn on/off each different form information (except the important ones) in the game window and console, or maybe to temporarily hide certain logs in the console (which could maybe be done through the options or by right clicking the server log tab)

Also, there are “console options“, why not also make a “game window option“?, and move the “show private messages in “game window” to here, and give the ability to turn on/off the loot displaying in game window, perhaps also make an option to show what we can “see” too.

A new twist to elemental attacks

When a monster is immune to a certain element, and the same element is used on this monster, it could heal them (fire elementals healed by fire, skeletons healed by death; mass heal killing undeads!)

Equipment and Items

Players don't have anything to protect their arms or their hands.

New health potions and mana potions for higher levels. It could be a quest to get these new potions to gain the trust of the npc who sells them.

The problem with giving higher levels more healing power:

It would be ridiculous if higher levelled players became impossible to kill. So if to gain these new potions were a quest… the backfire of completing it would be to lower the players resistance to pvp damage, or when using these potions while pz they would heal as much as ultimate health potions.

These are bad solutions to the problem, other suggestions are welcome.

Some peoples comments:

“If they were gonna make it so knights gained damage per level, they should have never reduced a mage's damage per level. If they were to rework the damage formula, yeah, it wouldn't be bad.”

“No one should be impossible to kill”

“Every update brings about a "new" Tibia but Tibia never seems to change.”

“in pvp its impossible to kill a knight who has mages healing them…and its hard for mages to survive once their mana has run out…unless they are like level 300..and can run away at the speed of light..”

‘’Tibia is a game and only the creators should rule it.’’


In the "set outfit" option, it would be nice for players just to show their equipment as their outfit. It would also be nice for players to be able to buy clothes instead of wearing (showing) their equipment all the time.


Something needs to be done to make gold a value once again. Aside from buying spells, hunting supplies and travelling there is very little need to spend gold, this is especially true at high levels. Perhaps players could purchase extra depots in their storage boxes (maybe in different colours), pay npcs to access new hunting grounds, or buy bigger VIP lists. Maybe they could even buy paint to decorate their houses!

Side note.

I am aware that other players have suggested ideas, which are same/similar to some in this proposal; it was not intended to take their ideas and use them as our own. We just see them as good ideas too. : )

Sadly, I could not find many people to help partake in this proposal and even less contributed ideas. Few people commented and yes, this is a lot to read. Therefore, I appreciate anyone who reads it as it has taken a good while to write this. Comments are welcome!

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