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Hi! There is not really much to say about myself.. I registered as I saw some pages that needed attention. Whether it was information or spellings, I thought I would do my part. I am not exactly experienced when it comes to coding or editing on wikis, but I am slowly learning and using what I know to try make pages better. I hope what I contribute benefits others. :)

I first joined TibiaWiki back in December 2007. Since 25th July 2009 I have been a Rollback user, until the 5th April 2010 when I also became an administrator. I am usually on TibiaWiki daily so if you have any questions feel free to ask them!

Here are some shortcuts I use while on TibiaWiki:

Below and to the left are some pages of mine.

Other Characters
My Collection
My Outfits
Test page
Test page 2
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