Name: Alreth [info]
Profession: Elder Druid, world explorer and librarian
Birthtown: Ab'Dendriel
Age: 33 years old
Hometown: Ab'Dendriel
World: Secura
Family: Kayoz (brother)
Alter egos:

Dog [info] (Master Sorcerer/pet)
Evil Guard [info] (Elite Knight/fist fighter)
Raleigh Thunderstone [info] (Elite Knight)
Sir William Explorer (Rookie)

Guild: Phalanx Eroica
Preferred spells: Ice Strike (ex ori frigo), Heal Friend (ex ura sio "friend")
Preferred weapon: Tempest Rod

I have retired as admin on TibiaWiki as I have stopped playing Tibia in the beginning of 2009 and have not followed what's been happening in neither Tibia nor TibiaWiki since that time. It has been very fun building with great website with you all and I wish you best of luck in future with it.

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