Outside fenced in garden with a Yellow Maple, White Flower, Heaven Blossoms, and Moon Flowers; 3 Wall Lamps per floor, 1 Dustbin.


Southern Thais, between depot and south gate.


This house is identical to Upper Swamp Lane 2, Lower Swamp Lane 1, and Lower Swamp Lane 3. These are the rooms:

  • 3 rooms on ground floor: 4sqm entrance room; 1sqm storage room with dustbin; 4x6sqm room with 2 beds.
  • 4 rooms on second floor: 4sqm entrance room and a 3x4sqm passage room; 2sqm storage room; 2x4sqm room with 2 beds.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 4740 gold per month.

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